-Sarah Palin, American Politician, Author, Speaker, and Political Commentator
“I am thankful for groups like yours that spread the message that allows faith to grow within those women who are faced with a pregnancy in less than ideal circumstances. You affirm the value of the child. You remind us that every child has purpose and value and a destiny.”
-Lisa Welchel, Actress who portrayed Blair on Facts of Life;
“I’m really excited about being part of the Vitae Caring Foundation because I understand the power of media. I understand the power of having a message that is strong and clear and powerful. I want to applaud you for your work.”
- Governor Mike Huckabee, Former Presidential Candidate and Host of Fox News Channel’s Huckabee
“Investments in Vitae aren’t just saving a single life, but saving a culture.”
The Secret to the
Success of a
Vitae Media Campaign
is in the Delivery
- Glenn Beck, Radio Personality, Author, and Host of Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck Show
“We are the guardians. If we fail, who will complete this task?
If we fail here, where does the rest of the world run? Answer: nowhere.
Stand up. Get in the race. You can, will and must win.”
-Sean Hannity, Co-host of FOX News Channel’s Hannity’s America
“The Vitae Caring Foundation is at the forefront of where
this movement needs to go and I really applaud you.
You’re changing minds, you’re changing hearts, and the
world is a better place for your vision.”
-Alan Keyes, Former presidential candidate; US Ambassador to the UN Social & Economic Council
“I am glad to speak on behalf of an endeavor that recognizes the truth. If we’re willing to pool our resources, if we’re willing to do the work that is necessary to get the simple messages of truth stated with love to pierce the heart of this society, then we can break the hardening shell of its selfishness and its self-indulgence.”
-Cal Thomas, Nationally syndicated columnist and Author
“I cannot minimize the importance, in a ‘life-unfriendly’ media environment, of getting messages like this, that are positive—that are TRUTHFUL— out to the American people.”
-Laura Ingraham, radio talk show host
“Why can’t we see groups like Vitae on a national level, multiplied by ten?”
-Colonel Oliver North, Combat Decorated U.S. Marine, Author and Correspondent for Fox News
“The masters of media are the people defining the moral value system...that is why what you’re doing [Vitae Caring Foundation] is of such vital importance. You are saving lives.”
-Dave Dravecky, Motivational speaker and former major league pitcher
“I am so grateful for an organization that will hold true and stand firm in the midst of an incredible storm that is trying to destroy the moral fabric of our country... The Vitae Caring Foundation stands up and shouts, with a loud shout, that life is precious. It is a privilege to be a part of what they are doing.”


Vitae has identified a number of measuring tools to judge effectiveness of its media campaigns. The type of media venue used, the audience, and the message all effect the choice of measuring tools and how results are reported.  Through God’s blessings, Vitae ads have positively impacted women’s lives and saved babies from the horror of abortion.

In 2012, Vitae ran a billboard campaign in Dallas/Ft. Worth that generated a 30% increase in calls to the local Pregnancy Health Center.

The 2012 Internet advertising campaign in Los Angeles and Dallas/Ft.  Worth, including Google, MySpace and Facebook, increased traffic to vitae’s online help website, www.YourOptions.com.  There were over 85, 000 visits to YourOptions.com from March 2012 thru November 2012. 

Vitae worked with a Pregnancy Help Center in Ft. Lauderdale on a Google Places campaign in 2012.  The local PHC reported increases in Abortion Vulnerable clients and over 125 babies’ lives were saved.

In Boston, Vitae worked with a local Pregnancy Health Center on a Google Places Internet campaign that saved the lives of over 75 babies.

Vitae’s 2012 radio campaign in Springfield, MO has resulted in over a 10% increases in appointments.  The local Pregnancy Help Center has also reported an increase in the number of men accompanying their pregnant wife or girlfriend to those appointments.

Vitae is part of Meet Life, a joint initiative to reduce Missouri abortion numbers by one-half.  This initiative began in 2012 and will continue until the end of 2016.

In 2012 Vitae placed 21 billboards in Kansas City as part of the Meet Life campaign.   These billboards helped direct Abortion Vulnerable women to the local Pregnancy Help Centers.  Increases in women being served and babies being saved have been reported.

In St. Louis Vitae placed 35 Billboards as part of the Meet Life campaign.  This helped increase numbers of Abortion Vulnerable clients at a local Pregnancy Help Center.   In addition Vitae placed radio advertising for the same PHC.