Santorum at podiumSen. Rick Santorum told about 350 people gathered at Vitae Foundation’s Pro-Life Dinner in St. Charles, Mo., on Monday night that this country won the Revolutionary War because “we were all in.” He insisted that’s how we must be today as society tries to influence our values.

“We don’t want to be like the frog in the pot. He’s pretty comfortable and as the water gets hotter and hotter he doesn’t jump out. Fifty-five million babies have been killed, but my family’s still fine. We get up everyday and tell ourselves lies. ‘I’m just one person, what can I do?’ The answer—do something!” the former Senator from Pennsylvania urged.

As abortion numbers trend downward, Sen. Santorum said it’s no wonder the other side fights so hard on this issue. “They don’t want you to know the truth. But Vitae does! They shine a light on the truth and we are winning!”

Vitae VP Rene Maxey told the crowd that 5,293 babies and their mothers had been saved so far this year by Vitae’s collaborating Pregnancy Help Centers. “The abortion decision,” Maxey noted, “is now between God, the woman, and Google. The goal with Internet ads is to create Internet messaging dominance. We’re almost there in St. Louis.”

There is a circle of help available to women once she responds to a Vitae ad, Maxey explained. A single ad can lead her to a mobile unit, where she can receive a free ultrasound. Since 64 percent of women who receive an ultrasound choose life, many of these woman are referred to a local Pregnancy Help Center where a variety of needs can be met, depending on the woman’s situation, be it a maternity home, adoption services or referrals to organizations for job training and education so she can improve the life situation that perhaps caused her to be in her current situation.

photoKC_2014During the evening Vitae honored the Missouri Knights of Columbus with their 2014 Pro-Life Hero Award, in recognition of outstanding leadership and service; for their extraordinary efforts to proclaim the Gospel of Life by steadfastly defending the dignity and worth of every member of the human family, born and unborn. Accepting the award were various local and state office holders, including Keith Milson, State Deputy; John Appelbaum, Meet Life Committee Chairman; Mike Auchly, State Respect Life Director; and Lou Holtman, Meet Life Coordinator.

Vitae President Dr. Patrick Castle told the audience of his experience of taking the day off from Scott Air Force Base in 2012 to stand outside of Planned Parenthood and pray and offer support to women. One woman drove up and Dr. Castle extended his hand to her in greeting and explained he took the day to be there instead of the base. “I was born at Scott Air Force Base,” was the woman’s response. “Coincidence, I think not!” Castle told the crowd. Two years later he learned that Zoe Isabella, meaning “Life promised to God,” was indeed alive and the baby he had helped save that cold February day.

Whether you stand in front of a Planned Parenthood and pray silently, give a helping hand to a woman dealing with an unintended pregnancy by leading her to a Pregnancy Help Center, or financially support groups like Vitae, that is the action Sen. Santorum was talking about on Monday night.

“My challenge tonight is for you to do something. Vitae not only saves lives, it’s changing hearts and minds. It’s fighting the fight,” the 2012 presidential candidate stated. “The reason we’re wining the life issue is because Vitae is winning the argument.”

Do something today and help Vitae continue with its mission of helping women find life-affirming options during an unintended pregnancy. Locate a Pregnancy Help Center in your community. Put the number in your cell phone so you’ll be ready to give it to someone needing help with an unplanned pregnancy. To reach these women who are perhaps days away from having an abortion, donate today. If we do nothing, the abortion industry will get to these women first. Be the one to make sure that doesn’t happen.