post-mfldcOn January 22 the Vitae Foundation joined half a million marchers in Washington, DC for the annual March for Life, this year marking the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. On the jumbotron soon before the March’s Rally kicked off, Vitae’s video was shown which recognized the March’s theme, “Every Life is a Gift,” and great pro-life teamwork. Vitae literally and figuratively showed that “Together We Are Winning!”

Vitae President Dr. Pat Castle was interviewed during EWTN’s international TV broadcast of the March, bringing the Vitae message to 148 million homes in 144 countries. Dr. Castle enlightened millions on Vitae’s mission and the realities of abortion. Dr. Jeff Pauls, Vitae’s research analyst, shared Vitae’s vision in an interview (go to 7 minute mark) on EWTN’s Spanish language network. Then, prominent pro-life leaders were invited to the stage of the Rally where Dr. Castle and Vitae board Vice Chairman Lindsey Bachman represented Vitae before the world.

At the end of the March route the Vitae team distributed over 6,000 highly sought-after “Together We Are Winning!” stickers, which featured the Vitae Foundation slogan and website.

In a recent Huffington Post article, “Here’s How the Anti-Abortion Movement Plans to Modernize its Approach,” the reporter highlighted key areas of momentum for the pro-life movement: genuine care for women, updated messaging, media engagement, and research. This is precisely Vitae’s approach! (Note how the reporter continues to refer to pro-life people as “protestors.”)
As quoted in the article, Vitae’s Board Vice Chairman Lindsey Bachman addressed the Law of Life Summit, which Vitae co-sponsored, the day before the March for Life: “The Vitae Foundation has spent over $2.5 million researching what we call the right brain, or what an abortion-minded woman is thinking about when she walks into that clinic, what is going through her mind.”

Dr. Castle emceed the Law of Life Summit, which he co-founded in 2012. He used this national platform to inform the many pro-life leaders, activists, attorneys, law students, and journalists in attendance about the importance of media in promoting a culture of life. Dr. Castle also shared how Vitae’s research-based messaging is an integral part of the work of its collaborating organizations who reported saving 7,569 lives in 2014 alone.

Vitae also sponsored the March for Life 5K which featured runners and walkers from all over the nation. Vitae’s presence was evident throughout the event, with prominent signage, promotion before and after the race, and distribution of “Together We Are Winning!” wristbands and stickers as well as Vitae “Life Facts–Be the One” wallet cards to participants and volunteers.
Throughout the week Vitae hosted a booth at the March for Life Expo. The Expo is the March’s showcase of pro-life organizations. Thousands of interested pro-life supporters walked through multiple convention rooms gathering pro-life materials and talking directly with pro-life leaders. The Vitae Foundation team booth was able to spread the Vitae message to many people previously unfamiliar with the organization.

Vitae’s “Together We Are Winning” banner was prominently displayed during the March for Life, March for Life 5K, and at the Expo. Hundreds of thousands of people (including those watching on TV) saw this important message and were hopefully inspired by Vitae’s message of pro-life unity and success. The Vitae team attending the March for Life events in Washington, DC was privileged to bring this message to the “Super Bowl” of pro-life events and to meet up with and encourage pro-life friends and leaders from across America. Together, using media to build a culture of life and connect more women to local Pregnancy Help Centers, We Are Winning!