post-drawingWHO: The Vitae Foundation is a national organization that encourages a culture of life through researched-based mass media. We are looking for a talented young pro-life artist! Interested individuals ages 18-24 can take part in Vitae’s art contest that will garner national exposure. Since about 50 percent of abortions are experienced by women age 24 and younger, who better to illustrate this generation and express their pro-life values at the same time?

WHAT: Vitae is planning key promotion pieces that will focus on artistic sketches. One sketch should be of a young woman facing an unintended pregnancy, and the other should depict a community of support that is available to assist her. There is no one more capable of capturing the facial expressions and emotions of this target audience than women who either have been through an unplanned pregnancy or those who know someone who has.

VISION: The first picture will show a young woman about 5-6 months pregnant and thinking about her situation. She is not crying, not stressed, but deep in thought. Consider (not required) illustrating a minority ethnicity because the abortion industry especially targets minority women. The second picture will show the same girl with a range of possible individuals around her offering support. There could be several supporters depicted, including a doctor, a woman counselor, a mom, and sister/friend. Renderings should not be abstract. Please use a medium that can be reproduced.

WHY: The winner of this nationwide talent search will be awarded a $600 prize, and their artwork will be recognized at various Vitae Foundation events and communication venues. The prize amount is significant as it costs Vitae $600 to save one life with its collaborating Pregnancy Help Centers. Did you know that 82 percent of women who aborted would have chosen LIFE if just ONE person had offered encouragement? Vitae’s latest video shows how anyone can BE THE ONE to offer support—so participation in this pro-life contest enables young artists the opportunity to Be the One!

WHERE: Interested artists should send their artistic sketches to Vitae Foundation c/o Bobby Aborn, 1731 Southridge Dr., Suite D, Jefferson City, Mo. 65109.

WHEN: The deadline for submission is Monday, March 9. Submit any questions about this contest to

SHARE: Please forward this to family and friends, pro-life groups, schools, etc. Together, with the artistic and talented pro-life generation, We Are Winning!