Ideas:  Vitae Foundation is seeking ideas for a tee-shirt design.  Do you know someone who would like to ‘Be the One’ to design a stylin’ tee-shirt for Vitae and receive a slew of free Vitae gear (listed below)?Please pass this pro-life opportunity on to them.

Concept:  Since Vitae is a national organization that encourages a culture of life through research-based mass media, the designer could take the following as inspiration for the front design:

     Vitae Research


 Lives Saved

The back of the shirt would have Vitae’s slogan: TOGETHER WE ARE WINNING!

Details:  Please forward designs to Vitae’s marketing team at  The deadline for submission is Monday, March 30.  The winner will receive free VitaeTogether We Are Winning! gear:  wristband, polo-style shirt, cinch pack, and your newly designed tee-shirt.

Share:  Please forward this to family and friends, pro-life groups, schools, etc.  Together, with talented pro-life designers, we are winning!

Be the One to design Vitae’s new tee-shirt.  By doing so, your design could help save a life by promoting Vitae.  We know that 82 percent of women who aborted would have chosen life if just one person had encouraged them…Be the One!

The Vitae Foundation is a national non-profit organization making a significant difference in the lives of young women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  Using mass media venues such as TV, radio, Internet, and mobile phones, Vitae’s research-based educational messaging directs abortion-vulnerable women to local Pregnancy Help Centers where they find caring and practical support needed to make life-affirming decisions.