During a week where Planned Parenthood was exposedfor selling fetal parts, Vitae Foundation would like to share heart-warming stories from three of our collaborating Pregnancy Help Centers.   These stories demonstrate we are on the right track with messaging that informs abortion-vulnerable women how to locate life-saving centers.

Boston, Massachusetts
Teresa Larkin shared that her PHC, A Woman’s Concern in Boston, Mass., saw 57 clients in June.  Of those, 32 were new and a third of them confirmed they found the center via the Internet.  In addition to their four center locations, Larkin shared they have a new “tool” in their arsenal-a mobile clinic.

“We just launched our mobile ultrasound clinic on June 24,” Larkin stated.  “We are currently conducting our ‘soft launch’ and saw five clients in our first week out-all at risk for abortion.  Four changed their minds and chose to parent!”

Shawnee/Overland Park, Kansas
Vitae ran a 34-billboard spring campaign in the Greater Kansas City area.  When Vitae billboards are up, the call volume to the centers also goes up!  Ruth Tisdale, executive director of Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers in Shawnee and Overland Park said, “Our call volume was higher when the billboards were up.”  She shared how they helped Hispanic women looking for abortions.

“I know of three Spanish-speaking women who found us because of the billboards. These women were abortion minded/vulnerable. If it weren’t for the billboards leading them to us and God working through us when they came, I am not sure that those women would still be pregnant. Two of them have voiced their decision to carry; one is still pending. Thank you for helping us reach Hispanic women and those looking for abortions!” Tisdale stated.

Ramona, California
Anita Krisik, executive director of Ramona Pregnancy Care Clinic, shared the following story of a woman who was confronted with multiple barriers to choosing life.

“Tiffany” came in for a pregnancy test and read her results as positive.  She had two older children, was not married, and the father of the baby was married to someone else.  Her doctor had told her she was unable to become pregnant. She did not believe in abortion, but she saw no other way to deal with this pregnancy as she also did not have a good relationship with her family and had no support.  She made an appointment for an abortion, and our clinic continued to contact her and speak to her about life.  She thought she might be miscarrying.  After much contact with her, she decided not to keep her abortion appointment.  One day later, she still believed she had a miscarriage.  She was very mad at God!  After a week of continued contact, she came in for an appointment and found out she was still pregnant.  She has firmly decided to carry and parent.

These stories cannot be brought to you without the incredible work that PHCs do on a daily basis.  The messaging that helps these women find professional, caring, and life-affirming centers could not happen without you, the loyal Vitae donor.  Please consider a donation today so Vitae can continue our life-saving work.  Moms and babies are counting on it!