By Martha Schieber

An ultrasound machine that can’t give good readings doesn’t help anyone. Just ask Real Options for Women in Plano, Texas. They needed a new machine. Unfortunately, like most Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs), they didn’t have $16,000 sitting around.

When the Vitae Foundation learned about their problem, word went out. Soon, a generous central Missouri man answered the call to Be the One. Real Options was thrilled that a stranger so far away would help them with their $7,500 shortfall.

A humble anonymous man talks about the importance of involvement on multiple levels.

“This isn’t just about machines. These centers need other things as well,” he stated. After the machine was sent to Plano, he appealed for prayer intercessions for women who anguish about an abortion decision. This man of faith sent prayer cards to various churches in his community to pray for the distraught women.

“Sometimes you do a lot with money and sometimes things happen after a period of time from prayer. You never know when you put a light in someone’s thoughts,” said this faithful Vitae supporter.

Both the ultrasound machine and prayers are shining light in women’s lives in this north Dallas suburb. Real Options shared these stories with Vitae:

Our new sonogram machine is truly a blessing! Not only are the nurses able to see more precise images for measurements, but the machine also provides great pictures for the mothers to see their babies more clearly than with the old machine.

Recently, a 19-year-old patient found herself pregnant for the first time after being involved with the baby’s father for just a few months. When she came to us, she was conflicted stating that she didn’t believe in abortion, but she couldn’t carry or put this baby up for adoption. Due to family issues that had caused her to move to a friend’s house,  she felt her life was so chaotic that her baby would be better off being aborted. During her ultrasound she began to cry and exclaimed “It’s a baby!” when she saw her baby moving on the screen. Then, she said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go through with the abortion and is reconsidering. Her sonogram revealed to her a healthy 12-week, active baby with a strong heartbeat. She has agreed to return for another ultrasound.

A 30-year-old mother with her 5th pregnancy, one of which was aborted and two others that miscarried, was being pressured by her own mother to have an abortion. She had gone twice to an abortion clinic in the weeks prior to coming to Real Options. Each time, she left because she couldn’t go through with the abortion. At the last abortion appointment, she was informed that her pregnancy was at 21 weeks gestation. When she came to us, we did an ultrasound that revealed a 24-week-old, active baby. This mother was so happy, stating that now her mom could no longer push for an abortion because she was “too far along.”

One person is making it possible for so many women to meet their unborn babies via an ultrasound machine. He’ll never meet any of these women or the children he’ll have a hand in saving. But someone once told him: “There’s gonna be a child wink at you someday.” Sounds impossible…but then again, nothing’s impossible with a little faith.