One of the most difficult things for Pregnancy Help Center workers is counseling a woman who is contemplating an abortion and having her leave, not to be heard from again.  The not knowing is excruciating.  Sometimes however, out of the blue, a woman will come back with a figure confirming a precious life inside.  This happened in June at Life Choices Women’s Center in Phoenix.

“We lost contact with a patient from late April.  She was still considering abortion when she left the office,” Sheila Riely, executive director of Life Choices, stated.   “She returned to the clinic in June, 16 weeks pregnant!”   Riely shared a loop of the June ultrasound, titling it “Vitae Baby.”

“It’s a live Vitae baby!  Thank you for helping us reach women most in need,” Riely noted.

During June alone, Life Choices had 225 clients come in after finding the center via the Internet.  “We’re very appreciative of your help with our website optimization because we just were not as effective doing it on our own,” Riely stated.

On Monday of this week, Life Choices saw three abortion-minded women in the morning and then four more in the afternoon.  That was just at one of their two centers.  “That would have been a week’s worth of activity before we teamed up with Vitae.  We see more tough cases as a result, but we’re glad to have to work so hard.  It’s worth it!” Riely explained.

Vitae’s research-based messaging works!  Help us continue to reach abortion-minded women and inform them about these life-affirming centers.

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