Whether you are struggling to run across the country all by yourself or struggling with an abortion decision, everybody needs words of encouragement to get through difficult situations.  That’s what attendees of Vitae Foundation’s Sedalia Pro-Life Event received this past Tuesday.

Jeff Grabosky shared his spiritual journey—a journey that took him 3,700 miles across the country—and told the Sedalia crowd that even before he took one step people offered comments like:  “There’s no shame in not going through with it.”  “I don’t see any way you can be successful in this venture.”  “Why would you do something that has the potential to screw up the rest of your life?”

“I have no doubt that similar comments are made to women in crisis pregnancies, by their significant others, their friends, and yes, their families,” Grabosky stated.

What fueled this young man were three positive comments he received from a friend:  “You can do this.”  “I am one hundred percent behind you.”  “Anything you need, I am here to help.”  Grabosky said it is truly amazing the power just one person can have with those positive words.

“That’s why it’s not surprising that eighty-two percent of women would have chosen life if just one single person reached out to them with love and support. Driving into Sedalia tonight I see the population is 21,387.  So over 17,000 lives would be saved if at one point in their lifetimes each person reached out to a woman contemplating abortion,” Grabosky explained.

Running across America taught Grabosky that you measure success in life by continuing to move forward.  The Notre Dame graduate went from living out of his car to working for an organization that helps women find life-saving resources when struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.  “That’s God’s work,” Grabosky noted.

During the event Vitae Market Director Ty Soto shared that Vitae’s integrated media strategies were working across Missouri and the country.  In Missouri the Knights of Columbus have collaborated with the Vitae Foundation in many ways over the last 15 years. Just since 2011, Missouri is reported to be one of the leading states in declining abortion numbers with a 17.9 percent decrease. State wide, the Knights promote the “Meet Life” campaign designed to purchase ultra sound machines for Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs). So far 38 machines have been placed around the Show Me state to give women life-affirming views of their baby.

Soto explained that teaming up with over 100 PHCs nationwide removes funds from abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood.

“Vitae needs $600 for media to save a life, and Planned Parenthood charges about $600 to take a life.  In 2014 alone, Vitae’s teamwork helped remove over 4.5 million dollars from the abortion industry.  Where Vitae ads go up, abortion numbers go down here in mid-Missouri and across America,” Soto said.

If you missed Vitae’s Sedalia event but would like to help with the mission of saving women from the grasp of the abortion industry, please donate today!  Vitae Founder Carl Landwehr reminded everyone, “This is a spiritual battle that we are here tonight to win.”