Yesterday Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards responded to questioning before a House Congressional committee on the shocking videos that have shown Planned Parenthood employees talking about the sale of aborted fetal body parts.  As the media attempts to “rally” around Planned Parenthood, calling the videos “extremely edited,” the Vitae Foundation would like to show you something you may not have seen when these hearings first began.

On September 9, Vitae Board member Melissa Ohden, testified before the House Judiciary Committee as a wife, a mother, a sister, a masters level social worker, and as an expert witness being an abortion survivor.  Ohden’s birth mother, at the age of 19, was forced by her family to have an abortion.  The saline-induced abortion was unsuccessful, as Melissa survived.

“If my birth mother had gone to Planned Parenthood, I believe I would not be here today,” Ohden told the congressional committee.  She stated that 897 babies die to abortion each day at Planned Parenthood.  “I have a lot in common with them.  I was supposed to be one of them.”

Please take six minutes today – it may be the most informative six minutes of your day – and watch the founder of Abortion Survivors Network tell the compelling story of her survival and the horrors of what is done when an abortion fails.  In other words, how do they deal with a live baby when its intent is to be killed.

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