Legendary Notre Dame Football coach Lou Holtz praised the Vitae Foundation audience at their Columbia Pro-Life Event on Sunday night saying, “We’re the good guys in this fight for life.”

“I’m tired of Planned Parenthood and the politicians and the media trying to make you think that we are the minority,” Coach Holtz told nearly 300 supporters at the Holiday Inn Executive Center ballroom.

Holtz, the only coach in the history of college football to take six different teams to a bowl game, said you only need three rules in life.  The first rule:  Do what’s right and avoid what’s wrong.

“You can’t convince me it’s right to kill another human being,” Holtz stated.

He set the stage for this argument by explaining how at 18 days after conception, a baby’s heart starts beating.  He then continued with more facts.  Humans have over 100,000 receptors in our eyes; over 24,000 fibers in our ears; and we move because we have 206 bones and seven miles of nerve fibers in our bodies.  Our heart pumps gallons of blood every second, and millions of molecules are destroyed and replaced by others.  Our brains weigh three pounds and contain 13 billion nerve cells.

“You’re going to tell me this happens by accident?”  Holtz questioned the crowd.  “The attitude we choose is critical.  We need to choose whether we are going to stand up or going to cower.  What we do is important because other people are counting on us to stand up.”

The second rule: Do everything to the best of your ability.  Holtz said that’s all he ever asks of people.  He learned this lesson while working under another legend, Ohio State University football coach Woody Hayes.  He noted there are so many times we let people intimidate us or make us think we’re on the wrong side.

“I’m so old I can remember when abortion was considered bad,” said the father of four.  “I’ve seen how society has changed.  Today everybody just sort of accepts things that are completely wrong.  When I’m asked, ‘What’s the difference between today and 40 years ago?’ I tell them today everyone wants to talk about their rights and privileges.  Forty years ago they understood their obligations and responsibilities.”

Finally Holtz rolled out rule number three:  Show people you care.   Coach talked about his wife’s battle with stage-four cancer, which she has won, even though she was given a 10 percent chance of survival.  He asked her what she learned from having cancer.  Her reply was realizing how much her family loved her.  It wasn’t that they loved her more than before; it’s just that they showed her.

“You’re here tonight because you care about people that you don’t even know.  Look at the difference you are making in people’s lives,” the New York Times best-selling author stated.

Vitae Market Director Ty Soto told supporters earlier in the evening that last year Vitae, with its collaborating Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs), helped saved 7,569 babies and their mothers from the horror of abortion.

“Our 2015 goal is to help save 10,000 lives.  It is with tremendous gratitude that Vitae, along with the dedicated work of our collaborating centers and your support, has helped save 10,638 lives so far this year!” Soto announced.  “That’s mothers, fathers, grandmothers, brothers and sisters that have benefited from this life-saving work. We still have a few months left in the year and anticipate an even higher number by year end.”

In a national survey of women who have had an abortion, Soto stated 64 percent felt coerced, and 82 percent said they would have carried to term if just ONE person had encouraged them.  Everyone at the event received a wallet card with local PHC information on it.  At any given moment a woman, family member, or friend may need that life-saving information.

Coach Holtz compared the people gathered at Vitae’s event, ready to “be the one” to help women facing unplanned pregnancies, to the heroes on 9/11.

“Think about it.  You’re trying to save people’s lives, just like those that entered a burning building.  When we think about the unborn, we think about the mother.  Remember, we care about both, and we want to help them.  It cannot be done without your great support,” Holtz noted.  “We’re trying to help young people make good choices.”

He closed the evening by asking this question: “If you hadn’t shown up tonight, think how many people would have missed you?  You are significant when you help other people be successful.  By being here, you’re going to help a whole lot of kids be successful.”

If you were unable to attend the Columbia Pro-Life Event on Sunday, please take a moment to consider a donation today.  It takes $600 in media to save a life, and about the same amount for the abortion industry to take a life.  Anything that you can do to help Vitae reach more abortion-vulnerable women would be greatly appreciated…and as Coach Holtz would say, “It’s the right thing to do!”