Allen West set the stage early and hammered the point often:  not all rights are created equal and many in today’s society truly don’t understand what a right is. West’s remarks at Vitae Foundation’s Pro-Life Event in Springfield, Mo. last Thursday evening drew applause when he referred to events last week on the University of Missouri campus.

“We look at what’s going on right now at the University of Missouri.  I think it sets the stage for what I’m about to share with you this evening.  People start talking about the right to not be offended.  Here we have a university professor who stepped down and resigned instead of standing up and being the adult,” West explained.

The former U.S. Congressman (R-Florida) said the problem is we are moving away from what he calls “the natural law,” to where man thinks he can grant rights and therefore take away certain rights. He enumerated several rights—college education, healthcare, housing, and a substantially higher minimum wage—that some Americans believe they should be afforded.

“We end up losing a sense of who we are, living in a constitutional republic.  It’s about the pursuit of happiness.  It is not about trying to guarantee you happiness in life,” the Iraq War veteran said.

West challenged Vitae to make a commercial about our first inalienable right—the right to life.  He said while all these people are marching about things that are not really rights, we need to have our voices heard about this inalienable right.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our country will not continue to be blessed if we continue to kill our unborn.  That’s just what I believe.  That’s just part of our founding,” West said.  “When man believes that he can make the decision about who gets to live, and in turn when you get to die, then you don’t have liberty.  You certainly do not have a pursuit of happiness.”

This is very personal for West.  Born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta, in the same neighborhood where Dr. Martin Luther King grew up, West walked past Dr. King’s final resting place everyday.  Dr. King’s momentous words that he wanted to have a country where his children could grow up and be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin, resound in West’s memory.

Since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973, almost 16 million black babies have been aborted, West noted.  In comparison, during slavery 2-3 million blacks lost their lives.

“This is genocidal.  Where are the ‘Black Lives Matter’ people when they talk about that?  Why aren’t you talking about the lives that are being snuffed out, the lives that will never know Dr. King’s dream?” West said.  “You’ve forgotten the first inalienable right that comes from God the creator.  We need to tell people the buck stops here, because the separation of church and state has nothing to do with separating our Judeo/Christian faith heritage from the fabric of who we are as a United States of America.”

West also disagreed with Planned Parenthood’s stance that abortion is part of reproductive health.

“Abortion is not women’s reproductive health,” West noted.  He went on to list many areas of reproductive health that he supports, like services for preventing uterine, cervical, ovarian, and breast cancers.  “We support women’s reproductive health, but what they are talking about is killing babies.  There is no reason a single American taxpayer dollar should go to an agency like Planned Parenthood.  How do we send $535 million to an agency…that is killing babies?”

West encouraged the crowd gathered at the University Hotel and Convention Center to be armed with the proper language to fight for the issue of life.

“You are warriors on the ideological battlefield.  Prepare and arm yourself in the right way.  If you know our founding documents, then this argument about life is an easy layup, because it is the first inalienable right,” West stated.

Vitae has armed itself with Right-Brain research to counter the cultural shift that abortion is the answer to an unwanted pregnancy.  Vitae Market Director Scott Tygett announced that Vitae’s efforts to combat the slick marketing of the abortion industry have paid major dividends with our 133 collaborating Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) across the country.  With Internet strategies and ads that educate about where life-affirming PHCs are located, and the dedicated work of these centers dealing with abortion-vulnerable women, Tygett announced that so far this year, 10,714 lives have been saved.  The goal for 2015 was to see Vitae’s collaborating PHCs save 10,000 lives.  This number will continue to rise as we approach the end of 2015.

“This isn’t just about saving babies, but their mothers, their fathers, their grandparents, and everyone affected by the tiny life that a mother so bravely chooses to save,” Tygett stated.

West said he was honored to be back speaking on behalf of the Vitae Foundation and urged support for their life-saving work.  Again, it came back to the matter of rights.

“We’ve got more adults upset about a lion in Africa that got killed than what is going on with Planned Parenthood.  This is my point,” West stated.  ” Let it not be said that on our watch we let down future generations that were (conceived) and not even given a right to be born.”

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