(Jefferson City, Mo.) –
The Vitae Foundation is deeply saddened and outraged by the violence committed by a single, murderous individual at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Colorado Springs. Whatever his motivations, the outcome of his actions represents an evil perpetrated against a community.  This was an evil committed against society as a whole and does not reflect an attack on women’s rights, but rather exposes the pervasiveness of a culture of death.

Abortion itself represents the tragic and unnecessary physical destruction of a child. Abortion also results in the emotional and spiritual destruction of a child’s parents.  A culture that encourages this kind of violence against children and parents cannot be surprised when that violence refuses to be confined to the womb.  Violence achieves nothing—whether it’s perpetrated inside or outside an abortion facility.  In this violence we saw innocent people being hurt.  In abortion facilities across the country we see over 3,000 innocent women being hurt by the violence of abortion every day.  Vitae is committed to ending the violence in abortion facilities by making sure women are made aware of life-saving resources available in their communities.  Vitae believes women should be supported with true alternatives that help them in the social dynamic they are living instead of a violent response to a fearful situation.  Abortion is not health care.

To that end, Vitae will set in motion a media plan for Colorado Springs in the coming months.  It is our intention to be a part of the solution.  We see this as a way to end violence outside abortion facilities by stopping the violence inside.  Thanks to a sizeable amount raised by the Diocese of Colorado Springs’ Respect Life Office in October, Vitae will be able to place more media messaging to help women connect with Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) on the Front Range.  Vitae’s first media campaign in Colorado was in 1997 and today we collaborate with nine PHC locations in Colorado Springs and throughout the Front Range.  Vitae’s Internet strategies are leading more abortion-vulnerable women to these PHCs who more often choose life when offered help with the social challenges in their lives.

The Vitae Foundation condemns the actions of this murderous individual in the strongest possible terms. We offer our prayers for the families of the murdered and injured, and for the people of Colorado Springs. We encourage everyone to support memorial funds set up for the victims.  We also renew our resolve to see the scourge of abortion ended so that our great Nation may once again be a place where life is respected at all phases, from conception to natural death.

Vitae Foundation is a national non-profit organization which uses mass media campaigns to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies.  Vitae pioneered the research that provides a results-driven approach in using media to address the abortion issue.  Vitae’s presence in 99 U.S. media markets has included ads on the Internet, television, radio, indoor and outdoor billboards, buses, bus caps, and subways.