The Vitae Foundation launched a 12-week media campaign in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to reach abortion-vulnerable women.  The campaign includes TV ads on targeted networks, including MTV and Freeform (formerly ABC Family).  Google paid search and mobile advertising will help promote 15 local collaborating Pregnancy Help Center (PHC) locations.

“Women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and not sure where to turn deserve more than just the option of abortion,” Vitae COO Anne Carmichael stated.  “Vitae’s messaging strategies target specific age groups when they go on the computer or their phone to look for pregnancy and abortion-related information.”

Search advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on web pages that shows results from search engine queries.  Search advertising is sold and delivered on the basis of keywords (i.e. abortion related words).  The user (abortion-vulnerable woman) of a search engine (Google) enters keywords to make queries.  A keyword may consist of more than one word, like “symptoms of pregnancy.”  Once an ad is selected, the user is taken to a landing page where they are able to make a call to a Pregnancy Help Center or schedule an online appointment.

Mobile advertising is a form of advertising via mobile (wireless) phones or other mobile devices.  In addition to standard mobile display banners, a growing trend is to include rich media execution within the banner ads.  This includes banners that would expand to a larger size, offering advertisers a larger display to communicate their message.  This feature is offered in this media campaign to allow the user to interact with the ad to find the nearest PHC location.  Ads will appear on the mobile devices of women ages 15-17 years old.  They will receive the creative “Are You Pregnant?” and women 18-24 years old will receive the creative “Thinking Abortion?”.  The ads will appear in areas where the demographic is heavily populated—schools, colleges, shopping malls.

The 15 PHC locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area include:  Arlington Mansfield PRC (4 locations); Birth Choice Dallas; Ft. Worth Pregnancy Center; Hope Women’s Center (McKinney); Pregnancy Help 4U (Keller & North Richland Hills); Pregnancy Resource Center (Rockwall); Real Options for Women; Thrive Pregnancy Center (3 locations); and Woman to Woman (Denton).

Another portion of the campaign that not only promotes the PHCs but ads an element of cultural change is the airing of Vitae’s ad, “Night.”  This ad is airing on the Fox News Channel.  It completely aligns with the findings in our most recent research project.  The tagline, “Abortion changes everything,” leaves the viewer with an unsettled feeling that abortion is not the answer—it doesn’t leave the woman in a better place.