This edition of “Stories from the Front Lines” features women who are facing their biggest fear—being pregnant.  It’s not the right time.  It’s not part of the plan.  Finding a Pregnancy Help Center made all the difference in these women’s lives.  YOU helped make a difference in abortion-women’s lives by being a part of Vitae Foundation’s mission that helps drive these vulnerable women to the “Pro-Life Store” instead of the abortion facility.  We thank the PHC directors for sharing the following stories from the front lines…

~Choices, Woodland Park, Colorado

A young woman came in for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) testing.  As part of this process, we automatically do a pregnancy test so should medical treatment be necessary, the pregnancy is treated as the priority.  She was obviously hoping for a negative STI test.  Soon she discovered not only a positive STI result, but a completely shocking positive pregnancy test as well.  Both results threw her into a tailspin.  What would she do about an unplanned pregnancy?  Add the complication of sudden questions of fidelity in her relationship, and it was a recipe for emotional turmoil and rash decisions made in panic mode.

As the father of the baby sat receiving his STI results, his phone lit up with texts that she was headed for an abortion. Our well-trained nurse was able to intervene, calm the young woman, and reach out in genuine concern and empathy considering she now found herself in this frightening place where she felt she had no options.  With that simple offer of friendship, acceptance and support, her decision was reversed. I’m delighted to say that this baby had the first ultrasound of 2016 in our office and has now passed 18 weeks of gestation, healthy, happy, and kicking his mama to remind her he’s ready to change her life for the better.  Both parents have begun parenting classes.  They may or may not stay in relationship, but this baby will now have a mother and a father, both prepared to put his needs above their own.

~Parkville Women’s Clinic, Kansas City, Missouri

We want to let you know we have seen a large increase in abortion-seeking calls since returning from the holidays. The first day back I had 7 in 2 hours!  I think the media campaign featuring a new landing page (Vitae created) is sending more calls and hopefully more appointments our way.

~First Coast Women’s Services, Jacksonville, Florida

This young woman lives with her father, who was not aware of her possible pregnancy.  Her boyfriend said he would support “whatever she decided.” She was thinking about abortion.  She is in school and thought it would be too difficult to have a baby and continue with her goals. We hear this frequently, and it breaks our hearts when clients make a hasty decision before they know the help that is available to them. Praise the Lord, this client waited!  She thought about all that her counselor shared with her about abortion procedures, adoption, and the help that FCWS can provide.  Because we had a sonographer on duty, we were able to perform an ultrasound that same day.  During the ultrasound she shared with the sonographer that her “friend had an abortion just last week.”  She told the sonographer that she didn’t think she could have the abortion and chose life right then! She has since returned for her first hope visit.  We are praying for a healthy pregnancy!

~Hand ‘n Hand PHC, Barnhart, Missouri

As you may know, the St. Louis area and surrounding counties were hit by historic flooding during the last week of December.  Early in the morning hours of December 30, flood waters invaded our center.  Our basement was totally flooded and there was approximately 3 1/2 feet of water on the first floor of the building.  We were blessed with enough warning and a very large volunteer force that was able to get all of our belongings out of the building and to another facility that our landlord owns.  Thankfully, we lost very little.  The building is now being totally gutted, and we will not be going back to that building.  However, we have no intention of abandoning the ministry.  We are very confident that God has big plans for this ministry if we remain obedient and faithful.  The new website that was launched this year has helped increase our pregnancy tests almost 50 percent over last year, with a majority of those tests being done for women who were very much at risk for an abortion.  God has a plan.  We are currently in the process of looking for another location with a priority of starting up client services as soon as possible.

~Life Choices Women’s Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona

The patient intended an abortion and had an ultrasound at a local abortion clinic. She knew she should be 6 weeks but was told she was only 4 weeks. The doctor told her to schedule the abortion for the next day, but she was not comfortable so she Googled for another clinic and found Life Choices Women’s Clinics. That night she started to bleed and came to our office the next day where she found out that she had miscarried. This patient will not live the rest of her life thinking that she aborted her child.

~PRC of Sikeston, Missouri

The center saw 31 new clients in the first nine months of operation; some of those we saw multiple times. To our knowledge, none chose abortion, although we have been unable to track two clients after their visits.  Our first PRC baby was born this week to a young woman who was being coerced into an abortion!

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