Vitae Foundation’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Rob Rysavy has been named the President of the Vitae Foundation, effective immediately. Mr. Rysavy has served as Vitae’s Interim President since June of 2015. He previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vitae Foundation.

As Interim President, Rysavy successfully led Vitae for eight months and gained the confidence of both staff and donors alike. With the help of Carl Landwehr, Mr. Rysavy has a gained in-depth knowledge of Vitae’s rich history of research-based messaging.

During his tenure as Interim President, Rysavy played an instrumental role in leading the new research study with Dr. Charles Kenny and his Right Brain Team to help understand the Planned Parenthood “brand.” The research findings are already helping Vitae work and partner with other pro-life organizations encouraging women to choose life.

The Board unanimously agrees that Rysavy’s leadership experience coupled with his passion for vigorously defending the life of the unborn make him the right person to lead Vitae.

“Having previously served alongside Rob Rysavy on the Board of Directors, I am confident that he will continue to lead the Vitae Foundation with integrity, discipline, and courage. I hope each of you has an opportunity to meet him personally,” current Vitae Board Chair Lindsey Bachman stated.

Prior to taking this position, Rysavy was a Financial Advisor and Relationship Manager for a $100M+ wealth management practice providing personal, business, and estate planning advice to clients in 20+ states.

Rysavy is a retired Air Force Colonel, having served as Deputy Commander of the 701st Combat Operations Squadron and Commander of the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron.  While deployed, he served as the Korean Air Operations Center Director.

Rysavy has served on the Board of Directors for numerous not-for-profit organizations.  Rob and his wife Michelle were both born and raised in South Dakota.  They are blessed to be the parents of six passionately pro-life children ages 4 to 24, all residing in Colorado Springs, Colo.