She had two teenage pregnancies; both unplanned.  That is Rebekah Buell’s story.  The first resulted in her marrying the father of her baby.  At 19, she became pregnant the second time just before she separated from her husband.  This time, believing there are no other options, she did what many girls do in this situation; she went online and searched for abortion.
“When I was typing in ‘abortion’ my local pregnancy center was not utilizing a real marketing plan, and unfortunately I did not find them. Instead, Planned Parenthood popped up to the top of my search,” Buell told the packed room at Vitae Foundation’s Colorado Pro-Life Event in Colorado Springs.
What makes a person who has already brought a child into the world consider abortion?  Buell told the well-known story of a man who while climbing, experienced a fall during which his arm was pinned.  Unable to free himself after five days, he decides the only way to survive is to sever his arm.
“That’s what an unplanned crisis pregnancy is like.  You feel like the only option is to sever the part of yourself that is changing your life physically, emotionally, spiritually.  There is no other way out,” Buell stated.  “That’s exactly how it feels.  I know.”
Buell found her way to Planned Parenthood and began the RU486 abortion pill regimen.  As soon as she walked out, she knew she had made the biggest mistake of her life.  Another Google search for “abortion pill reversal” led her to Dr. George Delgato in San Diego.  His expertise enabled Rebekah to bring her son into the world.
Buell understands the power of Internet marketing strategies.  “Vitae’s vision of providing excellent marketing techniques to the Pregnancy Centers is so important to women like me,” she stated.
Earlier in the evening, Vitae President Rob Rysavy explained to his home-town crowd how the 24-year-old research-based messaging and media non-profit communicates with pregnant women who don’t want to be pregnant. Women like Rebekah need to know there are places that offer options and hope.
Rysavy reported there are approximately 600 abortion facilities in the U.S., and there are over 2,000 pregnancy centers.  The problem is many women don’t know pregnancy centers even exist.
“That’s why the messaging and the media that gets women to these centers is so vital,” the Vitae president stated.  “The messaging guides abortion-vulnerable women to the pregnancy center where she receives the compassionate support and care she needs.  Without the messaging, these moms and dads simply cannot find the centers because they do not even know they exist.”
In the last two years, here in Colorado, Vitae has used various digital media strategies with Real Choices in Boulder, Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, Choices in Woodland Park, and A Caring Pregnancy Center in Pueblo.
Rysavy announced a new Facebook strategy about to roll out with the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center.
“We are excited about this because of Dr. Diane Foley’s and Laura Howe’s willingness to push the envelope with new strategies, and because of the generous financial support of the diocese of Colorado Springs that became available when Bishop Sheridan made Vitae the beneficiary of the Respect Life Dinner last October,” Rysavy stated.  “Our plan is to perfect this new social media approach here, and then hopefully use it as a template for the other 130 plus pregnancy centers we support, both in Colorado and across the country.”
It is worthy to note that Vitae now collaborates with Rebekah’s local PHC to implement a marketing strategy to reach young women like her.
If you were not able to attend Vitae’s Colorado Pro-Life Event and would like to help Vitae continue its mission in Colorado and throughout the country, please consider a donation today.  You never know, this messaging could reach someone you know…what a gift that would be!