Dinesh D’Souza has a way of getting straight to the point while ultimately painting a picture of hope for the pro-life movement.  On May 5 D’Souza spoke at Vitae Foundation’s St. Louis Pro-Life Event, and he did not mince words.

“Abortion is the debris of the sexual revolution,” D’Souza stated.  “If you have a sexual revolution, you are going to have unwanted pregnancies.  No one is willing to reconsider the massive cultural event that has brought this about.”

The conservative author said abortion is not a single issue.  It’s an issue embedded in numerous other issues.  In this case it’s embedded in the changes that occurred with the civil rights revolution, the sexual revolution, and a whole change of social mores in this country.

D’Souza explained how the pro-life cause is a difficult one. There are very difficult forces arrayed on the other side, so it’s very important to be able to communicate effectively in this arena.

“Vitae takes two things that are somewhat different.  They use research, which is knowledge and gathering facts, and media.  Being able to deploy this information in a culture that is pretty hostile to the pro-life cause and get it to the people who need it, is a powerful combination of research and media.  I see Vitae on the front line of the pro-life movement for that reason,” D’Souza stated.

Vitae President Rob Rysavy thanked the 300 in attendance at the Hilton Frontenac for being part of a force that is changing hearts and minds in this country.  “We do the research,” Rysavy stated.  “Carl Landwehr brought that to the pro-life movement, and with tremendous Vitae support across this country it can travel further!”

The former president of Kings College gave an interesting history lesson.  He noted that during the Lincoln Douglas debates, Douglas, a northern Democrat, was identical in substance and form to today’s pro-choice argument.  He thought every community should decide if it wanted slavery.  Give them the right to choose.  Lincoln said you can’t have a right to choose without paying attention to what is being chosen.  The right of choice is meaningless without focusing on the content of that choice.

“When you choose to take away another person’s freedom, that isn’t an exercise in freedom.  That’s a contradiction in terms.  When you are choosing to squash out someone else’s free choices from the beginning, there is something really wrong and contradictory about doing that.  This is the historical resonance of the pro-life argument,” D’Souza noted.

Fast forward 150 years and we’re having the same debate.

The author and documentary film producer said we’ve allowed the other side to take over the loud megaphones of our culture: Hollywood, the media, the world of comedy, education (elementary school thru college).  So how do we reach a larger audience?

“Well, Vitae is showing us how to do it,” D’Souza stated.  “We bring about change by reaching young people and the women in need, the ones Vitae is targeting directly.  That’s clearly the most important.  Those are the people making actual decisions where life hangs in the balance.”

Vitae Market Director Scott Tygett shared how Vitae gives women experiencing unintended pregnancies hope by reaching them with the right message in the right place at the right time, connecting them to the people who truly care.  With over 20 years of groundbreaking research that seeks a deeper insight into why women choose abortion, Vitae’s Right-Brain research helps create that right message.

“The right place is digital. Young women go to look for help online,” Tygett explained.  “We have entered into a new partnership with Caledon Virtual, a digital marketing company based out of Columbia (Missouri).   The partnership is unique because Caledon has a Vitae dedicated team that is adopting our research and putting it into really effective website development and optimization. The final product is the most effective website possible, one that is beautiful, research-based and fully optimized. All of this is at no cost to a pregnancy center.”

Tygett said the critical moment is when a woman reaches out for help.  The room was silent as he shared excerpts from abortion-minded women who found Pregnancy Help Centers due to Vitae’s digital strategies.

There were 15-, 16-, and 17-year old girls who didn’t believe they could go through with their pregnancies saying, “it breaks my heart” and “I have no one else to go to for help.”

“These are real people, anonymous to you and me, but they have names and faces, they have dreams and they need help,” Tygett noted.

D’Souza ended the evening encouraging those gathered by saying the pro-life cause at the end of the day cannot lose.

“At some point in the future, abortion will be an aberration.  At the end of the day we have an ally.  That ally is the line between good and evil.  It doesn’t really run between us and other people, or the Republicans and the Democrats.  At the end of the day the line between good and evil runs between every human heart.  It’s our consciousness,” D’Souza stated.  “And the abortion debate takes place right there.  I think that the strength of what Vitae is doing is that it realizes that.  It realizes that the nature of man is two-dimensional, part linked to the angels and part linked to the beast.  Here we have to get through to that ugly but also divinely created creature, and ultimately say to him or her that there’s a better way to go.  Vitae represents the better way to go, and the future, I think, is with you.”

Abortion vulnerable women who find a Pregnancy Help Center have a chance of avoiding abortion.  These girls in the hands of Planned Parenthood become statistics, with years of regret and grief.  Help Vitae with its mission to reach more abortion-vulnerable women with a donation today.