The U.S. Supreme Court let women down on Monday.  It held that abortion facility regulations are medically unnecessary and unconstitutionally limit a woman’s right to an abortion.  In other words, a dirty, sub-standard abortion facility with a doctor who doesn’t have surgical privileges at any nearby hospitals is better than no abortion facility at all.  Vitae Foundation adamantly disagrees and is saddened by this ruling.

“Why are the basic medical rights that are extended to every other member of our society denied to women just because they are pregnant?” Vitae President Rob Rysavy questioned.  “This illogical and disastrous decision not to require basic, health industry-standard regulations for pregnant women is unconscionable.”

Vitae’s seventh Right Brain research study (2015) was conducted with women who generally considered themselves loyal customers of Planned Parenthood (currently or formerly); however, many interviewees mentioned the lack of care they received during “services” provided by Planned Parenthood.  This is one more reason yesterday’s Supreme Court decision is far more likely to harm than to help women.

One respondent in the study, speaking about Planned Parenthood, underscored the tragic life-and-death consequences of this ruling: “It makes you sad and uncomfortable.  They are not doing what they are supposed to be doing and it’s dangerous.  Life is basically in their hands.”

Vitae Foundation will continue to use mass media campaigns to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies.  Vitae uses Right Brain research and messaging for a culture of life.  By providing messaging that helps women find true help at Pregnancy Help Centers, more women will avoid these unregulated abortion facilities.  It is Vitae’s mission to help women avoid the physical and psychological trauma caused by abortion.