“No matter how much we plan, the unplanned happens all the time.”

Ryan Bomberger would know.  His mother didn’t plan on being raped, nor did she plan on becoming pregnant as a result of that rape.  She made the courageous decision to give Ryan life and place him with an adoptive family.  Today, Ryan’s life work is to dispel the myth that unintended equals unwanted, and that unwanted equals unloved.

Ryan’s story was an emotional highpoint of Vitae Foundation’s Belleville Pro-Life Event on Thursday, August 4.  He told how his adoptive family made headlines, and even garnered an appearance on Oprah.  The Bomberger’s had three children and adopted 10, Ryan being the first adoptee in the family.

“My adopted mom literally had to lose her father to gain a son,” Ryan stated.  When Ryan’s mom told her father she was adopting a biracial baby, he said he would step out of her life if she proceeded.  “She chose me and lost her father.  She chose well.  He lost out on 13 kids,” Ryan added.

With his wife, Bethany, Ryan co-founded The Radiance Foundation.   They have worked with organizations around the world, including Vitae, to illuminate the truth about human dignity.  A self-proclaimed citizen journalist, Ryan told the 150 gathered at Fischer’s Restaurant that he considers himself a “factivist” instead of an activist.

Ryan was loaded with facts about Planned Parenthood, and he was eager to share them with the Vitae audience.  Bomberger stated that without taxpayer funding, 54 percent of Planned Parenthood’s “Health Services Revenue” is from abortion, according to Planned Parenthood’s own FY 2013 annual report.  This is in sharp contrast to Planned Parenthood’s CEO, Cecile Richards, claim that only 3 percent of their “services” are abortion.

“Let’s face it; they don’t make money off adoption referrals,” Bomberger said.

The father of four, two of which are adopted, said it’s like Bank of America saying we only killed 3 percent of our clients, but we gave really good investment services to the other 97 percent.

“No seeming amount of benevolence can make up for taking human lives,” Bomberger said.  “They lure in women with lies instead of helping women with true healthcare, which is what Vitae does.  I love partnering with Vitae because they understand that every life has purpose.  They understand that we’re all wanted by someone.”

Vitae’s Senior Market Director, Stacey Kromer, told the crowd that at a PHC, a woman can be assured that she is in the right place, with the right people, at the right time.

“But make no mistake; Planned Parenthood will tell her the same thing.  So what’s the solution?  Get her to the center where she can find the help to transform her fears into confidence and make a life-affirming choice for the future of her and her baby,” Kromer stated.

Vitae is currently working with 133 PHCs across the country, providing a variety of marketing services that help women find the support they need.  Vitae’s seventh research study has given further insights into the practices at Planned Parenthood and why it’s paramount women avoid an abortion facility altogether.

“Their promises of ‘healthcare’ are deceptive,” Kromer noted.  “Women are so desperate and afraid that they will tolerate poor treatment.”  One of Vitae’s research participants said, “They take your money…but they don’t care about the effects.”

Bomberger showed a graphic that demonstrated five-year declines in vital medical services for women at Planned Parenthood.  Since 2009 there has been 41.3 percent fewer breast cancer exams (these are screenings, not mammograms), a 58.1 percent drop in pap tests, and a 53.8 percent decrease in pre-natal care.  Yet, profits increased 20-fold from FY 1994 to FY 2013, and forced taxpayer funding increased three-fold in that same time period.

“This is not an organization that wants to help women’s health,” Bomberger stated.  “Half a billion dollars a year should be reallocated to help pregnancy care centers and other life-affirming sources.”

He noted that the main stream media regurgitates the notion that women are going to be stranded and left with nowhere to go if Planned Parenthood is defunded.  “That’s just a lie,” Bomberger noted.  There are over 13,000 taxpayer funded medical organizations or facilities that exist that treat women, men, and children for comprehensive medical care based on a sliding scale.  That is far more than the 666 abortion facilities or abortion referral sites.

“Women are the most resilient human beings on the earth, and abortion says you aren’t strong enough,” Bomberger said.  “When someone faces an unplanned pregnancy, it can feel like the end of their lives.  This is why I love what Vitae does. I love the fact that they use media to reach abortion vulnerable women and direct them to where they can get help, to where there is hope.  These centers are like the Underground Railroad, where they give futures to mothers, fathers, and children.”

If you were unable to attend Vitae’s Belleville event and would like to help with the mission to reach abortion-minded women and help them find life-saving Pregnancy Help Centers, then click here to donate.