Coming off his live “Revive Us” event with 80,000 participants in theaters across the country, Kirk Cameron thrilled the Vitae Foundation audience in Springfield Friday night with his boyish charm and steadfast resolve for the value of life.

In her introduction of Cameron, Vitae’s Senior Market Director Stacey Kromer quipped that Mike Seaver (Cameron’s beloved character from the hit sitcom “Growing Pains”) was often not in the right place or doing the right thing.  “However, Kirk Cameron knows where to be and that’s with us tonight,” Kromer stated.

“I think it’s phenomenal what Vitae is doing, and I’m so thankful I can be here with you tonight to be a part of this great effort to continue reaching these ladies and saving lives,” Cameron stated.  “Most young people who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy are looking here (pointing to his smart phone), not their youth group, for answers.”

The TV and film star shared that he was an Atheist growing up in Hollywood.  He was 14 years old, on a top TV show, famous, and making money.  “I had the world by the tail,” Cameron noted.

At age 18, a young lady invited him to join her family for the weekend, and they were a Christian family who went to church.  He admitted he was uncomfortable with this, but it was all about the girl, so he went.  That was a turning point for young Kirk, as his eyes were opened, and it was the beginning of a faith journey he still walks today.

He went on to make the “Left Behind” movies, and “Fireproof,” which he noted was made predominately with volunteers.  The documentary “Monumental” wasn’t something Cameron did as an actor, but as a father of six who is deeply concerned about the direction our nation is heading.  He described the 80-foot tall monument as the “secret sauce” for a free and just society the founding fathers left this country.  The Plymouth, Massachusetts monument is made up of five statues.  Faith is at the top, holding the Bible.  Below Faith are our other statues:  Morality, Justice, Education, and Liberty.

“This is what produces a culture of life in America,” Cameron noted.

“If you take that Bible out of Faith’s hand and replace it with something else, you wind up with something else over here.  If we take the book that holds human life sacred and tells us to value life and even lay down our life for others and replace it with a business that takes children and uses them in pieces to make a profit, you don’t wind up with a culture of liberty and blessing,” Cameron explained.

“What I love about Vitae is that it’s got the faith part right.  That’s the head waters of everything else—the faith part and the right value system,” Cameron stated.  “I am so impressed with the forward thinking of Vitae and the research they are doing.    I think it’s phenomenal and I’m so thankful I can be here tonight to be a part of this great effort to continue reaching these ladies, and saving lives.”

Vitae’s Stacey Kromer shared that during the past 12 months, Vitae has had a presence in over 23 U.S. media markets.  In the Springfield media market, Vitae’s digital marketing efforts have included website development and hosting, Google search advertising, Google My Business management, and Search Engine Optimization.

“At a Pregnancy Help Center, a woman can be assured that she is, indeed, in the right place at the right time.  But make no mistake, Planned Parenthood will tell her the very same thing.  So, what’s the solution?  Get her in the center where she can find the help to transform her fears into confidence and make a life-affirming choice for the future of her and her baby,” Kromer stated.

Vitae Founder and Strategic Advisor Carl Landwehr announced that an estate gift helped fund Vitae’s seventh Right Brain research project, which drilled down on Planned Parenthood’s weaknesses, where they fail women.  “With digital marketing we can get women in the ‘pro-life store’ and ultimately put the abortion industry out of business,” Landwehr stated.

Toward the end of his keynote, Cameron shared a story that at one point brought his voice to a quiver.  He said there was a young girl who had a baby.  This baby was a candidate for abortion, and could have been destined to be an orphan in a trash can somewhere.  But someone spoke to this young lady and convinced her that she could give the gift of life to her child.

This little girl was placed for adoption at Catholic Charities.  She was placed in a home, together with an adopted brother.  She grew up with terrific parents.  She got married.  She adopted four children herself because she had a heart for adoption.  Then she and her husband found out she was pregnant and they welcomed a baby.  Then a year later they had another baby.

“The reason this story means so much to me is that little girl who was given a chance to live is my wife, Chelsea,” Cameron shared in a slightly quivering voice.  “I tell you that story because my whole family exists only because some girl found her way into a pregnancy care center, and instead of having an abortion she gave her child life.”  Cameron’s wife is actress Chelsea Noble, who played his girlfriend on “Growing Pains.”

The TV icon said the only way his wife’s life was saved was because there were people who cared enough to pioneer a movement years ago to combat abortion and get the word out about pregnancy centers.

“I will never be able to thank those people for what they did to empower and resource the pregnancy care centers, who reached out to my wife’s birth mother and walked through that difficult process with her,” Cameron stated.  “But I can thank you, because you are the same kind of people.  You are the ones who are empowering Vitae, to get the word out to speak the language of the women who are scared and need a right solution and don’t know who to talk to, and to point them to where there is hope.  Because of that, lives will be saved, and family trees will be changed, and a culture of life will flourish.”