Jeff 2The 44th Annual March for Life activities kicked off yesterday with a conference of top pro-life leaders, including Jeff Pauls, Ph.D., Vitae Foundation’s Director of Research.  The symposium was moderated by National Review Institute Senior Fellow Kathryn Jean Lopez.  Dr. Pauls shared insights on the Pregnancy Help Center movement with the help of Vitae’s 25 years of Right Brain research—the world’s largest knowledge base of abortion decision-making data and related messaging.

Some of the points Dr. Pauls made this morning during the Q&A session included:

► Why does Vitae do what we do?  Vitae is the only organization in the world that uses research-based messaging to help women facing unplanned pregnancies.  We wish everyone in the pro-life movement knew about our work and how they could better help support our mission.  Everything we do is research-based.  Our research-based messaging works because it reaches women.  We are a national, research-based media and messaging non-profit organization that is experienced, skilled, and willing to help you, your local life-affirming women’s health center, and other pro-life organizations in whatever ways possible.

The Vitae organization works every day to help connect women to life-saving Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs).  We work with PHCs across the country to help reach women who are looking for help.  I encourage you to go back to your local areas and find your local PHC and help get the word out about their existence and location.  Less than 3 percent of pro-life people even know where their local PHC is located.

► What are the big challenges we face?  Apathy in the culture, massive resources of the pro-abortion side, lack of awareness of how a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy thinks, and therefore a lack of understanding about how best to maximize efforts to reach her.  Based on our research, Vitae knows how these women feel and executes our messaging to them accordingly.

► Are we hopeful for our future?  The fabric of the pro-life movement is woven together. There are so many good groups doing great things.  As part of this fabric, Vitae is unique.  Our research ensures our messaging is grounded on love, truth, and facts.  That is our advantage over the other side, and because of it, we can’t lose.

The theme of this year’s March for Life was “The Power of One.”  Research indicates that the vast majority of women who aborted would have chosen life if just one person had offered support.  Dr. Pauls told the conference everyone should be willing to say, “You can do this, and I will help you!”