North at podium (1)Oliver North, combat decorated Marine and host of FOX News Channel’s “War Stories,” took time out of his extensive travel schedule to support and congratulate the Vitae Foundation on its 25 years of media strategies that help pregnant women with unintended pregnancies find options. The event took place in Springfield, Missouri, last Thursday night.

“There is no group outside of the Armed Services of the United States who has more situational awareness of what’s happening and having a plan to do something about it than Vitae,” Col. North remarked. “It’s not just knowing what’s going on around you. You have to have a plan for the situation.”

North shared that when he entered the military in 1961, he was issued a World War II era M1 rifle. Today our soldiers are issued M4s, the best technology with five times greater effect. That’s kind of like Vitae, he noted, when in its early days it used mass media ads in television and radio to reach women.

“Today Vitae hits pin-point targets with digital technology, finding young people who don’t know about alternatives,” North stated. “Like the troops I cover in combat, Vitae is a pro-life all volunteer force.”

Vitae Executive Market Director Anne Carmichael explained that Vitae goes into the most abortion-prone communities in the country because it must. In 2017 Vitae’s media footprint includes 33 U.S. media markets, 199 active campaigns with 171 Pregnancy Help Center locations. Digital technology has created a revolution around how consumers shop.

“Our proprietary platform embraces the latest digital technologies enabling our collaborating pregnancy centers to be large planets instead of small stars in the cyber universe of pregnant women in need who are online looking for abortion,” Carmichael told almost 400 gathered in the Morris Conservation Center.

Over the years Vitae has worked through vendors to help create and place its media. For the first time ever, beginning this year, Vitae has brought production, placement and expertise in-house. This is to ensure that Vitae’s media is truly wedded to its Right Brain research.

“We can save the pregnancy centers money and staff time by providing research-based websites, SEO and search ad campaigns that are proven. We’re talking about best-case marketing tools resulting in a much higher rate of abortion-minded women coming through their electronic front door,” Carmichael noted.

Col. North lamented the fact that so many young people don’t consider abortion wrong because our culture and education systems tell them it’s nothing more than a choice. Add to that the fact that Planned Parenthood receives millions from the government and can spend millions on their agenda yet those working to help women with alternatives must scrape up every penny

themselves. “Thank goodness when women are presented with this extraordinary moment in their life, Vitae presents them an alternative,” North stated.

“We live in a nation that is stone silent that one million children are going to die based on where they are located – in their mother’s wombs,” the father of four and grandfather of 17 stated. “Vitae presents an alternative to that young person who doesn’t consider abortion wrong.”

The #1 New York Times best-selling author drew several parallels between Vitae and our Armed Forces. Both have a devotion to duty; will defend its goals; lead special operations; use intelligence, for Vitae that’s called Right Brain research; have extensive experience; deploy where the threat is greatest; and focus on a national problem but don’t ignore the individual pregnancy centers.

“There is no other group more committed to the sanctity of human life than Vitae,” Col. North concluded.

Blunt receives award 2 (1)Earlier in the event Vitae Founder Carl Landwehr awarded U.S. Senator Roy Blunt with Vitae’s Pro-Life Leadership Award. Sen. Blunt has been working on behalf of women and the unborn for more than 30 years.

“He’s no Johnny-come-lately to the pro-life cause or to Vitae,” Landwehr noted. “He has the highest possible rating one can be given by National Right to Life for his voting record. This year alone he was instrumental with the vote to place Neil Gorsuch on the U.S. Supreme Court, and helpful in dismantling Planned Parenthood funding.”

The wording on the award reflected Sen. Blunts’ years of pro-life leadership: “In honor and recognition of outstanding leadership and service of U.S. Senator Roy Blunt. For years of dedication and commitment of protecting the unborn by working tirelessly to change our culture to one of greater respect for human life.”

The vice-chairman of the Senate Republican Conference thanked Vitae and reminded everyone that Thomas Jefferson held the right of conscience to be more important than any other right. He noted that the U.S. government should never have gone after the Little Sisters of the Poor because they objected to being forced to provide abortion and contraception in their health plans.

“This fight is important, it’s constant, and I’m proud to be a part of it,” Sen. Blunt told the Vitae crowd.

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