It’s time to go on offense and fight for the rights our Founding Fathers established since, today, many believe their rights come from man. This was the theme of Allen West’s keynote address at Vitae Foundation’s Kansas City Pro-Life Event on Thursday night.

In a passionate address before a crowd of  Vitae supporters at the Overland Park Convention Center, West warned that this country needs to be educated about the intentions of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a known racist whose writings were implemented by Nazi Germany during World War II.

“When I think of Planned Parenthood, it is amazing to me how it is they were founded by a white supremacist, a person who spoke at Klan rallies, and who called people like me weeds and undesirables,” West stated. “How do we give them taxpayer money?”

The former member of the U.S. House of Representatives (Florida 22) grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in the neighborhood of Ebenezer Baptist Church, the pastoral home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. West believes that if Dr. King were alive today, he would be appalled.

“Since 1973, 13 million black babies will not know the dream of Martin Luther King. What Planned Parenthood does is offensive to me and should not be allowed to exist,” West noted. “Then you have George Soros who gave $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations, which supports Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter. That’s just oxymoronic! If black lives truly mattered, they wouldn’t support Planned Parenthood. There would not be a Planned Parenthood.”

In today’s culture it’s all about messaging, the executive director of the National Center for Policy Analysis explained. “That’s why we need Vitae!” West stated. “We need to message better. We are so right on this issue, that they (Planned Parenthood) should not have a leg to stand on.”

Vitae is taking its $2.5 million investment in Right Brain research and using its world’s largest knowledgebase on abortion decision-making to reach more abortion-determined women than ever before.

Executive Market Director Anne Carmichael explained that Vitae is bringing its marketing efforts inhouse to ensure the messaging is truly wedded to the research. This has been a real game changer in effectively reaching abortion-determined women.

“We can save the pregnancy centers so much money, staff time, etc., by providing research-based websites, SEO and search ad campaigns that are proven, along with the best-case marketing tools. The result is a much higher rate of abortion-minded women entering through their electronic front door (website),” Carmichael stated. “We know that the more women we drive through that door, that 7 out of 10 will choose to carry their baby to term, once they see the ultrasound.”

Carmichael showed a picture of a web search for abortion in Kansas City and Planned Parenthood was not at the top of the search. The abortion giant was sandwiched between two Pregnancy Help Centers. “That’s the effectiveness of Vitae’s messaging,” Carmichael stressed.

West noted that for too long we’ve allowed the left to dictate our language. If we don’t get people to care about life, we won’t have the country our founders intended. If man believes he can grant rights, then he believes that he can take them away. Will it all end because we didn’t stand up for our first inalienable right—the right to Life?

The retired Army Lt. Colonel asked if those gathered were prepared to take a stand.

“We need to support an organization like Vitae because they are on the front lines. They are also like paratroopers. They jump in behind enemy lines and cause disruption and confusion to the other side,” West noted. “That’s what we need you all to do, to parachute in and to fight for life. There is no greater purpose.

“It’s not about what’s in your wallet. It’s about what’s in your heart,” West concluded.

The event emcee, Lamar Hunt, Jr., explained that pro-life work isn’t going to result in a quick fix. It is a long, arduous journey. “We’re not tourists, we’re disciples on a journey. This is the kind of work that is gut level, and it’s making a difference in our country.”

Vitae President Rob Rysavy put an exclamation point on the evening.

“If you remember nothing else, remember this: If we had to craft the story of Vitae’s legacy, and the legacy of those like all of you who support us, that legacy would be this: Vitae does it right, Vitae does it with great efficiency, and Vitae is an extremely responsible steward of your treasure. Effective, efficient, responsible. I hope you will join us in expanding this great legacy,” Rysavy stated.

To help Vitae continue this life-saving work, please consider a donation today. Vitae is doing exactly what West said we need to do—going on the offensive. It’s what Vitae does, and it is working!