“It’s always a treat and a delight to speak to a pro-life group, and especially one of the most effective pro-life groups in the world,” Dinesh D’Souza opened in his keynote at Vitae Foundation’s St. Joseph Pro-Life event last Friday night.

One of the country’s top conservative thinkers did not mince words.  “Abortion must be recognized as the debris of the sexual revolution,” D’Souza stated. “In other words, if you have a sexual revolution, you’re going to have unwanted pregnancies.”

The New York Times bestselling author and documentary filmmaker explained we’ve had a shift in the source of morality during the last half century in America.  From America’s founding to the 1950s, Americans believed in a moral order. There was a standard in which this moral order was lived up to. D’Souza believes today there’s a shift toward what he calls the inner self. The inner self is now the “referee,” or the “decider in chief.”

“This means if you’re going to influence society, influence women making very difficult decisions for their lives during a moment of crisis, you need to recognize that shift and you need to appeal to that inner self,” D’Souza noted.  “This message, quite frankly, most conservatives, most Republications, most Christians, are completely clueless about. But not Vitae.

“What I find very interesting and striking about this organization is it recognizes that there is a kind of spiritual frontier in which these critical decisions are made. You actually have to live on the frontier if you want to influence those decisions. Otherwise, you can keep talking, but no one’s going to listen.”

The frontier that Vitae has conquered is knowing the mind of the abortion-minded woman.  “With over $2.5 million invested in Right Brain research, we don’t do things we think will work, we do things we know will work,” Vitae President Rob Rysavy told the Vitae supporters.

“That research is our intellectual property, and for years we guarded it closely. But now we are giving it away. The impact of that is remarkable,” Rysavy stated.

Vitae Executive Market Director Anne Carmichael further explained how Vitae is giving this valuable research away.  Thanks to a generous memorial gift, Vitae has launched the Judy Borst Information Console.  In this Console is a marketing portal. In this portal any Pregnancy Help Center who signs up for it can gain access to Vitae’s research.

“And just as Rob mentioned, we’re giving it away!” Carmichael explained.  “This portal also provides the centers with videos, printed materials that centers can customize, proven social media strategies, and even a monthly podcast, the Vitae Voice.”

As someone who knows a thing or two about research, D’Souza praised Vitae for using theirs in a time when it’s important to not only change hearts, but to save lives.

“Changing hearts in the culture is easier than the other job, which is to find the actual woman who is contemplating abortion. Reach her in those critical moments when she’s deciding what to do and try to change her mind,” D’Souza stated.  “I don’t know how to do that. I suspect most of you don’t know how to do that.  But Vitae does. This is ultimately why we need organizations like this, which are accomplished and influencing decision-making in that critical moment.”

The man who was an advisor in the Reagan administration said it may be an unlikely fellow (President Trump) who actually paves the way to the day we have all been waiting for…a day in which abortion becomes not only unthinkable, but unlawful in America.

“In the meantime, what Vitae is doing is recognizing the real significant importance of digital media, of taking research that is Right Brain, but taking it to engage all the senses, to transform decisions and to transform lives,” D’Souza noted.

This work is not easy, since the pro-abortion constituency in this country have capitalized on the words freedom, liberty and choice. D’Souza said we live in a time where words have lost their meaning.  Vitae is not above the frey.  Like Trump, they’re in the frey.

“This is a time that we, as citizens, need to do more. We live in a time in which we are bombarded from the outside with political rhetoric, media, the whole Hollywood world. We want to withdraw from this bombardment,” the producer of the #2 and #6 all-time grossing political documentaries noted.

In the end, D’Souza said this is a fight that we can certainly win. In order to win it, however, we have to use influence and know our own power. He related a story a college professor told him.

You have a lion tamer and a lion. The lion tamer was a little guy with a stick. You have the lion obediently doing what the lion tamer wants. The professor asks who is more powerful. Obviously, it’s the lion. If that’s the case, why is the lion so shamelessly following the dictates of the lion tamer? The answer is that the lion doesn’t know its own power. The lion thinks the lion tamer is more powerful.

“Here we are in America, the ordinary citizen, and we feel that the media and Hollywood and these institutions rule over us. They want to give us that idea. They are trying to establish that kind of control,” D’Souza stated. “But at the end of the day, they don’t have it. We have it. So, my thought is that we will win ultimately, not just because our cause is right, but because we rise up as we have. We fight creatively and intelligently and with our full energy to the wheel. We are the lion, and it’s time for us to roar.”

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