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In 2017, Vitae Foundation helped almost 3,000 (2,882 to be precise) highly abortion-minded/determined women find life-affirming Pregnancy Help Centers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. One woman, desperate for answers to an unfathomable situation, reached out for help. Vitae’s digital strategies swept in to save the day; however there is so much more to this story.

When Thrive Women’s Clinic called “Diana” (not her real name) back after her inquiry on a Vitae landing page ad, she was on hold with the local abortion facility. Thankfully, she answered Thrive’s callback, hanging up on the abortion provider.

Diana arrived for her scheduled appointment at Thrive. She told them abortion was a consideration because she wanted to choose a better future for her and her son. Diana was currently living with and caring for her disabled father who also thought she should abort her baby.

Together, Diana and the center staff discussed adoption in detail, along with abortion risks, procedures and finally, fetal development. A Thrive nurse confirmed her pregnancy and performed an ultrasound to reveal this precious baby was almost 7 weeks.

When Diana returned for a follow-up visit, she informed them that she had decided to parent this baby stating, “At first, I was making a decision out of fear, and now I want to have this baby.” She also shared that she had started working on her GED to provide a better life for herself and her children. The Thrive counselor encouraged Diana to attend their parenting and mentoring courses so they could continue to offer support and mentor her while giving her a solid foundation of practical parenting skills.

The counselor said, “I encouraged her to be brave enough to move forward in a different, positive direction for herself and her children because if she does nothing different, nothing will change. She agreed and made an appointment, [to attend parenting classes].”

Diana’s baby is due to arrive next month. This strong woman chose life because Vitae’s digital strategies changed her trajectory. Here is your answer when you ask yourself, “Does my donation really help?”  Vitae was able to provide a campaign to connect Diana with a local pregnancy center that helped turn her fear into confidence. Without you and that Vitae ad, she would have remained on hold for that abortion appointment, and we know the rest of that story.

Please donate today so Vitae can continue campaigns that reach women like Diana. It costs around $80,000 to run a comprehensive digital campaign like this in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. In the last 30 days we have connected over 500 women with the centers there, with each lead costing on average $11.50. For nearly the cost of a movie ticket, Vitae can connect a woman who’s contemplating abortion with life-affirming resources.