There’s a new nationwide consortium of centers focusing on women’s health called Pro-Women’s Healthcare Centers (PWHCs). This pro-woman group first met in Denver in November 2016, bringing together successful, pro-life, comprehensive medical centers from across the country. Vitae was invited to attend the initial meeting which established Vitae Foundation as an important educational, research and marketing consultant to this new movement.

“Vitae’s most recent Right Brain research study (Saving Grace, 2015) offers important insights into what women say they want and need in terms of healthcare,” according to Vitae’s Research Director Jeff Pauls, Ph.D. “This consortium represents an excellent, comprehensive answer to many of the questions and challenges identified in our most recent study.”

The PWHC mission is to partner with women to provide compassionate, high-quality medical services and access to social services that empower them to care for their health.

“If the Pregnancy Help Center is the ER of the pro-life movement, the PWHC is the holistic preventative care/medicine to help reduce the need for ER visits. These two entities are complementary and both vitally important. Vitae can help ensure the success of both which will help put Planned Parenthood out of business,” Dr. Pauls noted.

Vitae recently designed the new PWHC website, working collaboratively with the Consortium to craft content and launch the website at the 2018 March for Life: Vitae currently manages and hosts the site, free-of-charge.

Dozens of centers across the country are in line to go through the demanding evaluation process to become a certified Pro-Women’s Healthcare Center, following in the footsteps of such prominent women’s centers as: Morningstar OB/GYN, Tepeyac OB/GYN, and Bella Natural Women’s Care.

Donate now to help Vitae continue providing its valuable research to others, so women are shown there are more comprehensive, professional and authentic places in the community for women’s healthcare than Planned Parenthood—whose health-related services to women are declining. (See Vitae Blog article: Things Aren’t Looking so Good for Planned Parenthood”)