January…it was a record-breaking month, but this record had nothing to do with weather statistics! This record pertains to the number of women Vitae Foundation’s digital marketing led to Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs).

“We connected 2,499 women with the PHCs we serve across the country. This means that centers had nearly 2,500 opportunities to reach a woman with life-affirming options last month,” stated Vitae’s Director of Marketing and Research Application, Brandy Meeks.

What’s behind this success? Vitae’s research shows that women want control over their choices and safe healthcare options. One of the reasons women choose Planned Parenthood is because they feel it’s a safe option, but every day more women are finding out that PHCs provide numerous options that are far safer.

At the abortion facility, women are too often cornered into an abortion because they feel as if it’s their only option. At the PHC, not only will women be given more choices, but real choices, many that include assistance from the PHC long after the initial decision has been made.

“We’re on track to connect nearly 30,000 women with our collaborating centers this year, which is triple the impact of 2017!” Meeks added. “We have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the strategy that is working right now. We need to put every resource possible behind making the most of this current opportunity, because we never know when the strategy will need to adapt and change.”

A recent article highlighted the impact Vitae is having. We know Planned Parenthood spends $1.2 million each month on Google Adwords—a colossal amount compared to Vitae’s entire operating budget! However, as the article mentions, we’re beating them 5-1 in this venue! Also note the dissatisfaction women are having with Planned Parenthood. It confirms our research. Women want control over their choices, and the best place for that is a Pregnancy Help Center, where real choices are offered in a safe environment.

Donate today to help Vitae continue this record-breaking pace in reaching abortion-minded women. Without your help, our ads can’t appear, and the abortion industry wins. Women and their unborn children need us now more than ever!