The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” says that in his business, they are paid to have opinions. At his age, you get perspective on what matters and what doesn’t. The work of the Vitae Foundation matters to Carlson, and he shared that and some deeply personal stories with 600 attendees at Vitae’s Columbia Pro-Life Event on Saturday night.

As a 49-year-old man who grew up in southern California and now works in Washington DC, he’s been surrounded by a “pro-choice” world his whole life. “In Washington, the one issue you’re not allowed to diverge from is abortion,” Carlson said.

So how does someone who grew up and works in that world be so completely pro-life? It goes back to his grandmother.

“I came to this thinking because my grandmother was 15 when my father was born 77 years ago in Massachusetts. It was 1941. She never revealed who the father was. Had it been 1981, I wouldn’t be here,” Carlson noted.

She went to a home in New Hampshire for unwed pregnant women where she gave birth. His father was sent to an orphanage, which still exists. His father was adopted by the Carlsons. When the adoptive father died, everything changed. Tucker’s dad landed in jail, dropped out of high school, then joined the Marine Corps. “All are things you might imagine for someone who was born to an unwed 15-year-old. It’s the kind of story that people tell when they are promoting the other side,” Carlson stated.

“That’s kind of the point. His life wasn’t easy. It was pretty messy, as a lot of people’s lives are. But it wound up being amazing. He grew into a great man. I had lunch with him yesterday, as I do every Friday of my adult life,” Carlson said.

The Fox News Channel host shared with the Vitae crowd that life does not promise everything is going to work out perfectly and there won’t be bumps. “That’s what life is,” he noted.

When Carlson and his wife were six months pregnant with their second child, they received chilling news after she had taken the Alpha Fetal Protein test.

“They called us in and the doctor said, ‘I’ve got some really bad news. We think your child has Spina Bifida.’ My wife asked, ‘What does this mean?’ ‘We recommend termination.’ My wife asked, ‘Is that the same as abortion?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ She’s a religion teacher, but she changed, and looked him in the face and used a word I’ve never heard her use. The translation was ‘no.'”

Carlson bolstered the point that you don’t really know what the future holds for you. That child was born, is now a 21-year-old college student and was born with and continues to have no health problems.

“They were wrong. Even if they’d been right, it doesn’t matter,” Carlson stated. “Every message that our society sends is just the opposite, which is you are God and you are the master of your own fate. This is the fundamental error of modern evolved society: that we’re in control of life and death when in fact we are not.”

What can be controlled are the marketing efforts Vitae is using to help connect women facing an unintended pregnancy with Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) across the country. Vitae’s Senior Market Director Stacey Kromer announced that so far this year, Vitae has connected 10,000 women with these centers of hope and life-affirming resources.

Translation…that’s 10,000 women given a path to choices they didn’t realize existed. That’s the potential for 20,000 lives which turn into generations affected by a life-affirming decision. That’s also $2.5 million extracted from the abortion industry, including Planned Parenthood.

“Our research has revolutionized how the pro-life movement communicates with women who are pregnant and don’t want to be,” Kromer stated. “Why does she feel determined to end her pregnancy? Our research reveals that she knows she’s pregnant with a baby, not a glob of cells, and she is dealing with the death of her future self, the death of her hopes and dreams.”

Kromer also announced that Care Net, an affiliation network of more than 1,200 PHCs in North America, is keenly aware of our research. Care Net approached Vitae and asked to collaborate which has resulted in a co-branded educational project focused on our research and pro-life marketing.

After hearing all these vital updates on Vitae’s research and marketing efforts, Carlson looked at the crowd in the Holiday Inn Expo Center and said, “Your efforts are the kindest, least threatening, most decent possible efforts to educate people about this issue.

“One of the reasons I’m so impressed by Vitae is that you are approaching it in exactly the right way. I have all kinds of thoughts about legislative solutions to this, but I think they are much less interesting…and certainly less relevant than the mission you are undertaking,” the father of four stated.

Carlson said you wouldn’t think in 2018 someone would have to stand up for women and children this way. Future generations will look back and say, “They believed that?” He explained how things that are true endure.

“Children are valuable. Even when they are inconvenient. It doesn’t make them less than human. It doesn’t make them less than precious. That was true then. It is true now. It will always be true, and you will win in the end because of it,” Carlson concluded.