The Vitae Foundation honored the Judy Borst family at its Annual St. Louis Pro-Life Event Saturday, May 5, at the Chase Park Plaza.  The family’s memorial gift makes it possible for Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) across the country—and across the world—to access Vitae’s research and marketing information.

As Vitae Foundation’s work connecting women experiencing unintended pregnancies with PHCs grows, word of its tremendous results is spreading. More and more centers are coming to Vitae asking about the research and requesting help with their marketing campaigns.

The question for Vitae became: How do we keep up with the demand for our research and marketing expertise and how can we help as many centers as possible?  The answer was achieved through the generosity of the Judy Borst Family.

“Honoring her pro-life passion, her family provided for the development of an online console where centers from around the world can access research articles, marketing strategies, packages of social media ads, podcasts, etc.,” Vitae President-Elect Debbie Stokes stated.

The Judy Borst Digital Information Console is an innovative and ever-growing resource allowing Vitae to share its largest knowledgebase of abortion decision-making in the world.  Launched in the fall of 2017, over 350 centers have access to this unique communication tool, and the number is growing.

“Judy’s pro-life legacy, her desire that all children be protected and treasured, is being spread across the globe,” Stokes stated.  “Judy and Bill were early believers in the Vitae mission and rarely missed a Vitae event. We certainly miss her presence this evening but know she is with us in spirit.”

On behalf of Judy’s family, Bill Borst, her husband of 50 years, accepted the honor from Vitae.

“She would have been very proud to have received this honor tonight.  You all were her favorite people, her extended family in a way.  While Judy was not one to be called an activist, the existence of abortion as a right went against the very grain of her maternal nature,” Borst stated. “It is with great awe and appreciation that I accept this recognition, a celebration of Judy Borst, one of the unsung heroines for the never-ending fight for the right to life for all, from womb to tomb.”