For many women, Sunday was a day to celebrate being mothers and grandmothers.  Unfortunately, there were women who were distressed about being pregnant on this day.  Some of them reached out for help, and Vitae Foundation’s digital strategies were there, connecting them with resources that can offer hope and bring them out of their darkness.

What we know about Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018 from the words of the women we connected with their local Pregnancy Help Center, is that it was a day where women were contemplating abortion, frightened by the idea of motherhood.  A 17-year-old girl is about to embark on college and can’t fathom having a child.  A mother of three doesn’t think she can bring a fourth child into the world.  A woman who is eight-weeks pregnant is considering abortion and wonders what she can do.  One woman simply said, “I need an abortion.”

There were 62 women that reached out to us on Mother’s Day. These were women who filled out appointment requests on our landing pages.  They are women who may never experience the full joy of Mother’s Day without your support—women like the one in our newest video.

There IS hope out there for women who believe they have none. Vitae’s proven digital strategies can make that happen.  We ask you to pray for these women as we connect them with Pregnancy Help Centers across the country.  As women continue to look for solutions to their unplanned pregnancies, Vitae needs to reach them first!  A $30 donation can help connect one woman with life-affirming choices.  Help us reach more women today!