Vitae Foundation’s digital strategies came to the rescue recently for a woman in Boston.  This abortion-determined woman connected with Harmony Care Women’s Center via an online Google search. Vitae’s marketing makes it seamless for a woman to call a nearby Pregnancy Help Center when she’s scared and believes she is alone.  This is “Stephanie’s” story (not her real name).

“Stephanie contacted us by phone through the landing page for abortion-determined women.  At her first visit, she was completely determined to end her pregnancy.  She was given an ultrasound,” Rachel Nguyen, executive director at Harmony Care Women’s Center stated.

Stephanie came back for two follow-up ultrasounds.  “By the third visit, she decided to carry her baby to term. Her baby has a chance at life because of the work Vitae has done,” Nguyen stated.

Vitae’s Marketing and Research Application (MRA) department helped Harmony analyze its website.  Vitae adjusted and improved the center’s SEO and its impact on abortion-minded women.

“Separate AdWord campaigns were created to reach women at risk. We started using landing pages that have been extremely effective in funneling potential patients to them,” stated Brandy Meeks, Vitae’s MRA director.  “We’ve been able to help them identify trends as well.”

“I have been working with Vitae for nearly a year, and it has been a great experience.  Vitae has been especially great in responding to concerns or questions. All in all, Vitae has made a profound impact on our ability to reach and serve women who are at high risk for abortion,” Nguyen stated.

You can help Vitae reach more “Stephanie’s” across the country with a gift today.  Right now, we’re reaching 2,500 women each month who are considering abortion and connecting them with their local pregnancy centers via Vitae ads.  It costs Vitae roughly $30 to reach each woman with search advertising and landing pages, ultimately costing us $75,000 each month to make these connections happen.  Can you help us with a $30 gift today?