As Americans, we celebrate our independence—Freedom!  Our Founding Fathers set a course for this great nation that allows us many important freedoms, like speech and religion.  Ultimately, what we celebrate is the freedom of self-determination.  Unfortunately, when a woman lands in an abortion facility, her freedom to choose life is hindered by the combative sales tactics of the abortion retailer.    

We’d like to share with you the story of “Abigail.”  (By the way, there are many Abigails out there!)  When Abigail found herself in an unintended pregnancy, she was guided by her fears.  When she picked up her phone and searched for help in that “now moment,” where she landed was crucial.    

She clicked on the local abortion facility ad, and they fed on her fears:   

“You’re right, you can’t do this.”  

“You don’t have to tell your parents or your boyfriend.”  

“An abortion is cheaper than raising a child.”  

Abigail bought into what the abortion worker told her.  She just wanted her problem to be over and they said they could fix it.    

So many girls like Abigail see their freedom of self-determination eclipsed by the profit-driven abortion industry.  Vitae Foundation research backs this up.  Had there been a Pregnancy Help Center (PHC) ad—backed by Vitae’s research—for Abigail to click on, the advocates there would have helped resolve her fears by giving her the actual freedom to consider a wealth of options—not just one.  

Vitae’s research is powering the digital strategies that have helped connect 16,505 women this year as of May 31 with these lifesaving centers—a place where fear is alleviated, and decisions are made that women can live with.  

During JulyVitae needs your help reaching more “Abigails” and disseminating the research in a wider fashion by  

  • helping more women find lifesaving PHCs through digital technology;  
  • sharing its proprietary research with other pro-life groups across the country; and 
  • giving presentations to PHCs, offering effective communication strategies with the abortion-determined woman.  

Your donation today can ensure the freedom of self-determination for women—that they can freely choose life—as they negotiate this difficult situation.  The “freedom of choice” is truly real when fears are relieved by an offering of ALL options (LIFE), not just death.  

There are pro-life groups and PHCs across this great country clamoring for the world’s largest knowledgebase on abortion decision-making.  Like many non-profits, summer funds run low, and Vitae is not different.  We cannot get this sought-after research out to everyone that has requested training.  With the help of a $10,000 matchyou can help spread this valuable research to others.  

Help us reach more people today!  This research cannot be hidden under a bushel basket.  It is a light that must shine, ultimately shining the way for a woman to see she is not alone and has the support of a loving community who has no financial interest in her decision.  

Your gift today will make a difference! Please consider a gift of $35, $60$120, or $240.  Every dollar will be matched to double the impact.