Last week we shared with you how women don’t feel free to choose life when being confronted by staff at an abortion retailer.  This week, we want to highlight how Vitae’s freedom to advertise lifesaving Pregnancy Help Centers is at risk.

Every dollar will be matched to double our impact, thanks to a generous donor this month.  Find out more below.

Dear Friends, Debbie

I need your help.  This month, as we continue to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, I want you to know about the attacks on our freedom to do the work we do every day—reaching women who find themselves in that “now moment” of an unplanned pregnancy and looking for help. 

Are you aware that Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have been lobbying Google to stop taking ads for Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs)?  Over just the last year there have been more and more restrictions put on these ads.  These attacks could spell disaster for Vitae’s current successful strategy of placing the digital ads that reach women in need.  That’s why the time is now for us to double our digital efforts in reaching women experiencing that “now moment.” 

I want to share some of the fears women communicated on July 4, as they each responded to a Vitae Foundation digital ad.  Their fears are real, and their comments show why it’s so important we reach them first!

“I am pregnant and don’t think that I am in any situation to take care of a child.” 

“Can I go into the clinic without my parents? I am 17.”

I just took a pregnancy test this morning and it is shows 2 lines… which means I am pregnant right? If that (is) so, I have to abortion it because I just had a baby like 8 months now and I cant have another baby at this time.” 

These are heart-wrenching glimpses into the minds of three women struggling with a very big decision—a decision that will impact them for the rest of their lives.  It shows you why it’s so important they not end up at an abortion facility.  There they would be told, “You’re right, you can’t continue this pregnancy.”   

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because the digital strategies we are implementing here at Vitae are working!   While we’re always preparing for attacks on our strategies, we must take advantage of the opportunities God is presenting to us NOW.  

As of June 30, Vitae’s strategies have already connected 22,881 women with PHCs this year.  There, women will be treated with the dignity they deserve and provided truth about ALL their options as well as the practical resources to help them better their current situation.  What we are doing is working…but we MUST get these messages in front of MORE women. 

The time is now, because there are forces mounting who want to take our ability (freedom) to advertise away.   

I hope you can help me today, as any gift you can give will be matched by a generous donor, up to $10,000.  These funds can help us reach more women and share our proprietary research with other pro-life groups and PHCs.  The bottom line is it all helps create a Culture of Life, and you can help make that happen! 

Your gift today will make a difference!  Please consider a gift of $35, $60, $120, or $240.  Every dollar will be matched to double the impact. 

I am grateful for all of you who have already shown your support through donations, prayers and encouragement!  We couldn’t do it without you. 


Debbie Stokes, President
Vitae Foundation