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“Each year we are steadily doubling our abortion-minded clients.  I know it’s because of the messaging Vitae uses and the fact that women are finding us on the website,” said PCC’s Executive Director Bridget Smith.
Every ten minutes someone in this country responds to a Vitae ad.  The impact is especially demonstrative in the Greater Kansas City area.

In less than two years, Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) of Lawrence, Kan., has seen a 50 percent increase in abortion-minded women finding their website, with a 53 percent increase in students.  Of those students, 57 percent are finding them online.

“Each year we are steadily doubling our abortion-minded clients.  I know it’s because of the messaging Vitae uses and the fact that more women are finding our website,” (on Google due to Vitae’s SEO)” said PCC’s Executive Director Bridget Smith.  The website was redesigned by Vitae using its research to appeal to the abortion-minded woman.

Recently a young man, calling on behalf of his girlfriend, reached out to Smith’s center in search of an abortion.  The director said they tell everyone their center does not perform or refer for abortion.  However, they inform them of the services they do provide.

“I told him all our services are free.  We provide pregnancy verifications, sonograms and options counseling,” Smith told the college-aged man.  Even if you decide after coming to our center that you want to go ahead and have an abortion, you’re going to need a sonogram because you want to know how far along your girlfriend is.  You’ll want all the information you can get while making this decision.”

He handed the phone over to his girlfriend.  She scheduled the sonogram for the next day.

The girl, along with her mother and boyfriend, arrived at the center.  They talked with the girl alone first.  She shared with the advocate that she had plans to be a neonatal doctor.  The advocate said, “How does that line up?  You want to be a neonatal doctor but how does that line up with the fact that you want to abort your baby?”

They talked through that more and eventually brought her mom and boyfriend in.  Both said they supported her, it’s her decision.  But the boyfriend did say regardless of what happens between him and his girlfriend, he was willing to take on the responsibility of parenting and paying for this child.

She was still uncommitted.  They went into the sonogram room and she got to see the baby for the first time on the sonogram.  She went back into the options counseling room.  The counselor was finishing up with her and suddenly she says, “Wait a minute, I’ve got something to say.”  She took her sonogram picture, held it in her hands, and said, “I have decided I’m going to have that baby.”

Smith said this story is an example of how Vitae’s work has impacted their center.  “Vitae has had an impact on every woman and child we work with.”

Vitae President Debbie Stokes summed it up this way: “When a woman comes into a pregnancy center she is treated with love, with care and with respect.  When she walks into an abortion facility they look at her as a dollar sign.  Obviously, they want to take the life of her child, but additionally, they send her right back into the environment that she came from with the hope that she’s going to be a repeat client.  That she’s going to come back needing another abortion.  Pregnancy centers don’t just save the baby, they also save the lives of the women they serve.”