“I can’t. God can. I think I’ll let Him.”

Those were the motivational words of John Foppe, Vitae Foundation’s keynote speaker at its event in Fairview Heights, Ill., last Thursday night. Foppe, who was born without arms, said “When I let Him, God made beautiful things happen.”

The author of “What’s Your Excuse?” explained that everyone has limitations. The question arises as to what we do in the midst of these limits. “God calls us through our inconveniences, afflictions, weaknesses and pain,” Foppe stated. “Only in acknowledging my powerlessness can I move forward.”

Imagine being a 10-year-old boy and unable to put your own pants on. That was just one of many obstacles Foppe learned to overcome. He can drive any car, steering with one foot and braking with the other. If he gets a flat tire, he can call AAA like the rest of us.

Foppe told of his first date with his wife, Christine. Most couples hold hands, but he felt her hand holding his foot. Within seven weeks they were engaged. “She swept me off my feet!” he swooned.

As the founder of Visionary Velocity Worldwide, Foppe travels the world with his motivational messages. He explained that the cultural lie of our times is single-mindedly seeking our passions when we should be seeking His mission.

“God calls us through our inconveniences and brokenness,” Foppe stated. “God uses affliction like a hammer and chisel. We must yield to the chisel and believe in the Sculptor.”

When a woman is confronted with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s hard for her to see her way through her fears in that moment. What she does know is to reach through her phone or computer and search for answers. That’s where Vitae comes in.

“Vitae’s in-house marketing team works directly, on a daily basis, with more than 350 Pregnancy Help Centers. They customize digital marketing strategies, based on our renowned research, to make sure we get the messaging exactly right,” Vitae Market Director Zip Rzeppa told the crowd of 240.

“Did you know that Planned Parenthood spends $190 million annually on advertising and marketing? And yet, when Vitae’s marketing team goes head-to-head with them on search engines, do you know who wins? Not Planned Parenthood!” Rzeppa noted. He thanked Vitae’s team and those gathered for making it possible for Vitae to carry out this lifesaving work.

Vitae President Debbie Stokes shared with the audience that Vitae’s research-based messaging along with effective marketing strategies are producing tremendous results.

“We are crushing the pro-abortion competition with our effective marketing strategies,” Stokes said. “These abortion-determined women, some of whom have already scheduled abortion appointments, are not just seeing an ad. They are calling or filling out a form, sharing personal and often heartbreaking information and making appointments with Pregnancy Help Centers.”

Last year, over 10,000 women who saw a Vitae ad connected with their local Pregnancy Help Center. These Centers are where a woman finds the help, resources and support she needs for herself and her baby. The results for 2018 are even more inspiring.

“I’m delighted to share with you tonight even greater results, and greater impact. Dramatically greater!” Rzeppa announced. “More than 22,000 women have seen a Vitae ad and responded to a Center in just the first six months of 2018!”

Vitae is on pace to easily exceed our goal to directly lead 30,000 women in 2018 to seek and find the help and support they need.

Everyone is confronted with limitations, whether they are born without arms or find themselves in a situation where they believe they cannot remain pregnant. John Foppe is a living witness to the value of ALL human life. God is there for everyone, especially for the women who believe they are alone and can’t see themselves carrying out their pregnancy. With God’s help, and the help of all the Vitae donors, we are reaching more women with each passing day, and creating a Culture of Life.

Help us bring hope to more women today! 

 “God uses affliction like a hammer and chisel. We must yield to the chisel and believe in the Sculptor.”