Dinesh D’Souza is known for taking on the ideologies of the current culture, and those in history, and turning them upside down from what mainstream sources articulate.  The author and filmmaker told a sold-out crowd in Springfield, Mo., Thursday night that the Vitae Foundation is getting it right.

“Vitae realizes we have a big battle ahead.  Sure, we need to fix the (U.S. Supreme) Court, but ultimately, the abortion decision today is made by the individual in crisis.  If you try to probe the psychology of that decision, and influence that decision, that requires masterful skill,” D’Souza said.

“Vitae understands that you have to combine research—facts—with an effective mode of delivery.  This is what shifts people’s beliefs,” D’Souza stated.  “We have the power to win this great pro-life struggle.  Vitae has an indispensable role.”

Vitae President Debbie Stokes told the crowd gathered at the White River Conference Center that Vitae is reaching tens of thousands of women and connecting them with Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) across the country by basing its messaging on something no one else has: the world’s largest knowledgebase of abortion decision-making.

“These abortion-determined women, some of whom have already scheduled abortion appointments, are not just seeing an ad. They are calling or filling out a form, sharing personal and often heartbreaking information and making appointments with Pregnancy Help Centers,” Stokes explained.  “Vitae’s research-based messaging plus effective marketing strategies are producing tremendous results.”

In 2017 over 10,000 women who saw a Vitae ad contacted their local pregnancy center.  “Already this year, after only seven months, our ads have connected 28,979 abortion-minded pregnant women in need to life-affirming Pregnancy Help Centers!” Vitae’s Senior Market Director Anne Carmichael announced to the crowd, who responded with enthusiastic applause.

D’Souza talked about his recent social media “debate” with Chelsea Clinton.  The former First Daughter stated publicly that abortion had been good for the economy.  Her reasoning was that abortion had freed women up to enter the workforce in record numbers.

This opened the door for D’Souza to point to an argument he likes using to enlighten people—the abortion debate links directly to the 1860’s debate on slavery.

“Chelsea’s statement reflects what happened with slavery.  It was seen as a necessary evil and defended as a positive good for society,” D’Souza stated.  “Today abortion is looked at as a Constitutional right.  You can look at the Constitution any way you want, even hold it upside down, and you won’t find abortion mentioned.”

Yet those who favor abortion rights would lead you to believe that abortion should be funded by our government.  D’Souza noted that our enumerated rights in the Constitution do not allow funding of our newspapers (freedom of speech); funding of church activities (freedom of religion) or that government should provide everyone with a gun (right to bear arms).

This is happening at a time when abortion is becoming harder to defend.  The advent of ultrasound shows life in the womb, shows the heartbeat early on, shows a consciousness of pain and avoidance of an abortion tool to protect itself.

“We live in a time when we know so much, so why does this issue continue to push on?” the filmmaker asked.  The megaphones of the left, academia and Hollywood are his responses.

D’Souza said that while we have had a shift in morale, where most lived by one code in the 1950s, today the moral code has shifted to one of the inner self.  The self becomes the ultimate adjudicator of morality.

“This has resulted in a huge shift in the culture,” D’Souza stated.  “I see it when I’m on college campuses across the country.  They hear the facts of history from me and they say, ‘That can’t be right.  I’ve never heard that.’  They’ve been sold a bill of goods questioned by nobody, so it becomes a fact of the world.”

The documentary filmmaker shared a Churchill quote about reality.  “You can ignore it, you can scorn it, you can deny it, but at the end of the day there it is.

“Vitae understands this.  Reality, a fact by itself, is not vindicated unless you can connect it, first, into a message that you can put out into the culture and put it out in such a way that it becomes unanswerable,” D’Souza stated.

D’Souza said that the pro-life cause is the noblest cause in America today.  Why?  Because of its unselfish nature.  Those fighting for it have nothing to gain other than the lives of others being saved.

“Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business.  Abortion is an industry that pays really well.  They will fight hard to protect it,” D’Souza explained.

The former Reagan White House aide said that supreme moral principles are at stake.  In fact, the very nature of democratic society is at stake.  “That’s the America we live in now.  The value and dignity of human life is part of this larger landscape.  The good news is that we have the power to make these changes.

“In this great struggle, this great organization—a small organization in the big scheme of things—I see playing a vital and indispensable role, and I urge you to give it your full support,” D’Souza concluded.