Newark, New Jersey sits in the shadow of the Abortion Capital of this country—New York City.  Vitae Foundation is making a difference there by letting women considering an abortion know they have other options than crossing the Hudson River to terminate their pregnancies.

From January to August this year, Vitae has connected 461 women with First Choice Women’s Resource Centers in Newark and four other New Jersey locations in the New York City market.

“I have appreciated how competent and efficient Vitae is. Since 51 percent of our clients find us online, I was grateful that our transition to Vitae in January was so smooth,” Aimee Huber, Executive Director of First Choice said.  “Three of our major donors in 2017 were either unable to give the amounts they had in the past and/or had moved out of state and decided to support (others) in their new area, so we entered 2018 with a 15 percent deficit. Vitae’s commitment to assist us with our internet advertising was such a blessing and answer to prayer. We are so, so grateful!”

“Our digital messaging strategies are helping women know there are life-saving resources right there in their own community,” Vitae’s Director of Marketing and Research Application, Brandy Meeks, stated.  “Knowing that our Google Ads are connecting women with the support they deserve is so gratifying, and we couldn’t do it without our faithful donors.”

One woman connected with First Choice via Vitae’s digital strategies was “Hailey”.

Hailey’s Story – Provided by First Choice Women’s Resource Center

“Hailey” (not her real name) came to our Newark center for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She was 17 and found us on the internet. As a high school senior, she was looking forward to graduating this June. College acceptance letters were arriving in her mailbox, and all the goals she had since freshman year were being realized. Having a baby just wasn’t in her plan. Believing that her parents would never accept her pregnancy and would kick her out, she planned to have an abortion.

When she went online looking for help, Hailey found an ad for First Choice. She texted and asked if we provided abortions. We replied that we didn’t, but we could help her with a free ultrasound. This would tell exactly how far along she was, so she would know which procedures she’d be eligible for. She made an appointment for the next day.

When Hailey arrived with her friend, she was sure her pregnancy was in an early stage. She shared her story with our center director, who counseled her about her options and discussed the obstacles Hailey saw to carrying her baby to term.

Hailey’s pregnancy test was positive, and the ultrasound showed she was much farther along than she thought – 18 weeks and 6 days! Her baby was flipping around on the screen, actually making it difficult for our nurse to get the measurements she needed. Reality hit, and Hailey just cried. She asked for her friend to come into the ultrasound room, and her friend took one look at the screen and said, ‘You can’t do it (abort)! That’s a baby!’

We continued to listen, comfort and counsel. Since Hailey professed to be a Christian, we talked about God’s role in her life and how He would provide and care for her in the future. She resolved to share about her pregnancy with her uncle, since he would help her tell her parents. Hailey accepted prenatal vitamins and referrals for maternity care before she left.

Without Vitae’s research-based digital strategies, Hailey would have had a much different outcome.  Please consider a gift today to help Vitae reach other girls like Hailey.