As a political and foreign policy analyst, Monica Crowley doesn’t get to talk publicly about the life issue very often, so she was excited to share her personal pro-life awakening and insights with the Vitae Foundation supporters in the Seattle area Tuesday night.

“Life is the issue around which everything else falls,” the FOX News analyst stated.  “I believe everyone is truly pro-life.  They’ve simply convinced themselves that an unborn baby is not a life.”

Crowley used to be one of those people.  She admitted she was far too slow in coming to her pro-life beliefs.  Coming up in media and coming up in New York City, there was a lot of pressure to think a certain way.  Her Libertarian ideals didn’t like limits on freedom.  “Who was I to tell anyone else that I knew best?” she noted.

Eventually, Crowley could no longer keep rationalizing on the issue.  One of the reasons?  Trig Palin.

Sarah Palin’s son is a beautiful, God-given little boy who happens to have Down Syndrome.  Others view him as a burden.  I look at him and see a gift from God.  The fact that ninety-five percent of the Trigs of this world are killed before they are born disgusts me,” Crowley stated.  “If that’s not eugenics, then I don’t know what is.”

Yet, she pointed out there are laws that protect the lives of fish eggs—not the “potential” life of fish eggs.  “We don’t have these types of laws to protect our unborn children,” Crowley lamented.

The winds of change, however, are blowing, and a new Supreme Court Justice could mean we are entering a new era.  Vitae Founder Carl Landwehr told the crowd that this offers new opportunities and challenges.

He explained if Roe v Wade is reversed, then decisions on abortion would be referred back to the states.  This will give states incentives to pass stricter laws, as they could be held constitutional at the high court.

The down side?  There will be abortion corridors around the country, leading women to states where abortion is allowed to thrive, states like Washington.  There could be home abortion kits and all kinds of pills available on the market.

“I predict women will come to Pregnancy Help Centers with a new attitude,” Landwehr warned.  “It will be her duty to have an abortion.  We already see this in socialist countries.”

The Vitae Founder laid out a few strategies for how best to be ready for this new era.  Among them include new market research which will be needed to provide the right messaging, along with new ways to deliver that message.  Also, more women will need to know about the existence of the abortion pill reversal process.

Vitae President Debbie Stokes told the crowd that we know the pro-abortion community is being proactive. They’re working on state legislation and local ordinances, like in Seattle, and they’re stepping up their efforts. They’re distributing information about “self-managed abortions,” telling women they won’t have to go back to the “coat hanger days” but will have online access to abortion “medications” and manual aspiration devices.

“The abortion corridors that Carl mentioned are already active. We saw it after the hurricane in Texas, and we see it today between Kentucky and Illinois,” Stokes explained.

What is Vitae doing in response?

“First and foremost, we are continuing efforts to build working relationships with more Pregnancy Help Centers. As part of our 2019 strategy, we will be expanding our Pregnancy Center Training Initiative and sharing our research with more donors and the pro-life community though our National Tour,” Stokes announced.

Crowley said Vitae’s work is so important because it helps counter what several generations of girls have been taught—they “can’t be equal unless they avoid being punished by that pesky baby.  The abortion industry plays the victim card incessantly,” she noted.

“Planned Parenthood is the biggest of the pro-abortion brigade, remaining the unquestionable leader of the Cult of Death,” Crowley asserted.  “This sanctioning of infanticide must end.  Do whatever you can to support Vitae Foundation.  Sixty million voices have been silenced.  Ours cannot be.”