The St. Louis Review ran an article on the Vitae Foundation’s work with the Missouri Knights of Columbus and the Meet Life Campaign.  Here is an excerpt:

In the past year, Vitae made 2,257 connections (with) the six centers in the market. There also was an overall 13.2 percent “conversion rate,” which is defined as those who click on an ad and make contact with a center. Additionally, Thrive St. Louis experienced a 15.8 conversion rate in 2018. Stokes noted that the overall St. Louis market rate is above the national combined industry average of 2.7 percent.

“We’re thrilled with the impact that the ads are making,” (Debbie) Stokes (Vitae’s president) said. “Our job is to get that woman in contact with the center, and the center obviously takes over at that point in time.” One of the challenges that pregnancy resource centers face is that they are not attracting women seriously considering abortion within the large populations they serve. Stokes attributed the success of the conversion rate to the research that Vitae does.  Read full article here.