It’s happening.  Abortions are surging, according to Planned Parenthood.    

We expected it would happen and this week it was confirmed in an Associated Press article.    

The article reported that women from Texas, where abortion is currently considered non-essential, are crossing state lines and going as far away as Chicago to obtain abortions.   

An abortion facility in Wichita reporting an influx of women from Texas performed 252 abortions in March, up from 90 in March of last year.  

The AP article also noted that at the Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois (near St. Louis) women are now more likely to keep their abortion appointments.  Before the pandemic, 50% of women changed their minds and cancelled their scheduled abortions.  Now 85% are keeping their appointments.  

A Chicago-based OB-GYN shared her concerns that women would be forced to give birth to “very sick babies” and be forced to “watch them suffer” when they could have “made a different decision.”  

These are the fear tactics of Planned Parenthood and the abortionists.  Vitae’s own research study on Planned Parenthood gave us numerous accounts of how they prey on women’s fears to steer them toward abortion.  COVID-19 offers a new wave of fear to sell abortion.    

We know women are worried.  We know they’re concerned about their health and the economy, perhaps even how they will pay the rent or put food on the table. According to the Hope Clinic, even a couple wanting a baby chose abortion because they were so afraid. Planned Parenthood is taking advantage of all those fears.  

Women need to see a wave of support when dealing with pregnancy during COVID-19 not messages of fear from a group that will profit from their abortion decision.    

Vitae ads are in the hotspots of the pandemic.  They are in Washington, Texas, Illinois, Florida and the Northeast, in addition to covering our home state of Missouri, guiding women to Pregnancy Help Centers where they will be empowered with truth, hope, and practical support.  

We need your help now more than ever.  If women are more likely to keep an abortion appointment in this current environment, then it’s now more important than ever they see a Vitae ad FIRST!    

Pregnancy Help Centers are there for women during COVID-19, even while following the CDC guidelines.  Please help us #reachthemfirst!  Women and their babies always deserve better than abortion.  Please consider a gift today.