Dr. Martin Luther King uttered those words during the turbulent 60s.  Those words still ring true today.  The time is right to end racism, bigotry and violence.  We are deeply saddened by the violence that has erupted across this country in the last week.  Our nation was already hurting with so many affected by COVID-19.  Now this.   

The Vitae Foundation has never wavered from its mission to encourage a culture of life.  If life were truly respected, then there would be no senseless deaths like that of George Floyd.  We ask each of you to pray.  Our country needs healing.  Our country needs an end to injustice.  We need to pray that every person truly has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Dear Lord, 

You created each of us as a unique gift to the world.  It is our responsibility to cherish each person for their uniqueness, to respect our differences and work together for the greater good of all.  

George Floyd was a gift.  He was a gift that should have been cherished, and instead, suffered a senseless death.  Our hearts ache for the Floyd family, and the many other families that have lost loved ones.  We join the nation in mourning their passing.  We also ask for protection for those that honorably safeguard our communities. 

We come to you today with heavy hearts.  We need your guidance, your comfort and your forgiveness to help us move forward.  Open our eyes and our hearts to the special gift of each person you send into the world.  Lord, help us do what is right.