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Legacy Continues with Woody Bogler Memorial Tournament

Woody Bogler cared about life.  So much so, that when he survived a difficult hospital stay, he made a momentous donation to the Vitae Foundation.  That made quite the impression on his son, Tracy.  This past Monday Tracy and his family continued Woody’s legacy for life by hosting the 3rd Annual Woody Bogler Memorial Pro-Life Golf Classic at the Wolf Hollow Golf Club in Labadie, Mo.  All funds raised benefit Vitae.

Before the shotgun start, Tracy shared his father’s story and what Vitae meant to him. 

“It was 2007, and we were down in Cuba, Missouri.  We were there for a big event.  My dad had told me to bring the checkbook.  He wanted to write a check for $1,000 for every hour he had recently been on a ventilator.  I helped him write out a $24,000 check to Vitae that day, and that was a great day,” Tracy told the golfers.  “Wow, we surpassed that today, so today is a great day, too!”

During dinner, Vitae Founder Carl Landwehr thanked all the golfers (24 teams—the most yet) for coming out and supporting the cause for life.  He shared his great fortune of knowing Woody, noting he was an incredible businessman who supported the lives of little kids waiting to be born.  He also shared that he sees Woody’s fun-loving smile in Tracy.

“Today, women search online for abortion, and we’ve developed techniques that take that abortion inquiry and link them to the nearest pregnancy centers,” Landwehr stated.  “We can do this because of people like Woody, and so many other good people, who believed in the concept that good marketing could make this successful.  I just want to say how much I appreciate you believing in life, believing in Vitae and coming out with your incredible smiles.”

Vitae thanks all the sponsors who helped make this tournament a great success. Click here to see the golf program for the full list of sponsors.

Click here for more pictures from the Woody Bogler Golf Classic.

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    Andrew Klavan, international bestselling author and screenwriter of the “Gospel” movie


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