April 2020

Nick Johnson Joins National Pro-Life Efforts of Vitae Foundation

Former Senior Development Director for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Nicholaus Johnson, joined the national pro-life messaging efforts of the Vitae Foundation on March 16.

January 2020

Vitae Enters 2020 with New Business Model

For 25 over years, the Vitae Foundation has sought to use research-based messaging to affect the culture—encouraging it to be more respectful of life itself. As we embark on a new decade, ...

November 2019

“Is it Natural to Think People Shouldn’t be Born?” Candace Owens Doesn’t

Candace Owens is a millennial who has made a career out of asking the question, “Does that make sense?”

October 2019

Star Parker: “We Will Be Steadfast and Immovable”

She lived her life the way the culture told her. “When you live off lies you only live for that day,” Star Parker told Vitae Foundation’s supporters Tuesday night in St. Joseph, Mo.

Elisha Krauss Disputes So-Called “Pro-Woman” Messaging

How do we raise our kids in a world where so much of what’s coming at them is not the truth?

September 2019

Gowdy Wows Vitae Audience at Sold-Out KC Event

Faithful Vitae Foundation supporters hung on every word uttered by former U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy at Tuesday night’s sold-out event in Overland Park, Kan. His stories and message of life and brought tears to many in the room.

Statement on Vitae Foundation’s Springfield Event

The Vitae Foundation contracted with Premier Speakers Bureau to have Michelle Malkin speak at its Annual Pro-Life Event in Springfield,...

August 2019

Vitae Announces Winners of 2019 Osage County Life Issues Contest

Two Fatima High School students are this year’s grand prize winners in Vitae Foundation’s Contest on Life Issues. Malory Kloeppel of Westphalia,...

July 2019

Vitae Contributes to Missouri’s 2018 Abortion Decline

In 2017, Missouri’s resident abortions numbered 6,790. Last year that number dropped 9.8 percent to 6,125.

June 2019

Vitae Golfers Combine Fun with Saving Lives

Trey Gowdy spent 20 years in the courtroom using the art of persuasion as a prosecutor. On Tuesday he told the Vitae Foundation supporters in Columbia, Mo., ...