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Saving Grace Part One: The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Planned Parenthood Brand

This study found that the Planned Parenthood customer can generally be divided into two categories: younger women in their fertile years and the “legacy customer,” a previous Planned Parenthood customer.

Saving Grace Part Two: The “Healthcare” Message Now Being Marketed by Planned Parenthood

In earlier studies, it was discovered that women seek abortions to restore their current self and protect their future self. In yet other studies, it was discovered that many women, even young teenagers, write a life plan.

Saving Grace Part Three: Building the Pregnancy Help Center Brand

This area of findings showed, unfortunately, that respondents were unaware of the idea of the Pregnancy Help Center, although they occasionally referenced government health clinics as an alternative to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion: A Failure to Communicate

For twenty-five years the pro-life movement has stood up to defend perhaps the most crucial principle in any civilized society, namely, the sanctity and value of every human life.

Trauma of Abortion

The pro-life movement has long endeavored to understand the complex emotional struggle behind a woman’s decision to continue or abort an unplanned pregnancy.

Saving Grace: The Planned Parenthood Brand & Branding PHCs

Investigating the marketing messages of abortion advocates helps Vitae articulate the pro-life message more effectively and persuasively.