The Vitae Foundation wants to re-establish a Culture of Life by opening minds and hearts to once again recognize that each child is a gift from God. As individuals, as communities, as Americans, God has asked us to cherish and nurture each child He sends into our world. As God has asked us to care for the poor, the lonely, the infirmed, the elderly, He has also asked us to care for those women who are struggling with an untimely pregnancy. Our goal is to make abortion unthinkable.

As we look to the future, we can envision a time in America when the number of abortions are measurably declining. We can envision the majority of Americans who even now hold pro-life beliefs, supporting local Pregnancy Help Centers; forming companion organizations to supplement the work of the Centers; and promoting these resources through their churches, friends and neighbors. We envision a time when women facing an untimely pregnancy will find the practical help and compassionate support they need to carry their babies to term and raise them knowing they have the support of their community.

We invite you to dream big with us. We see a future when life is not just respected but allowed to flourish, as God intended. We are already seeing signs that our dreams are achievable. Pro-life communities are building in areas around the country, and you can join in this exciting venture. Each person that we draw into the Vitae vision adds another advocate for Life and brings us one person closer to achieving our goals. As our numbers swell, we ARE building a true Culture of Life.