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Vitae believes in the power of the message and dedicates funds and staff for extensive psychological and demographic research to better understand our target audiences.


The Vitae Foundation knew that to be effective it must have a solid base of research about its audience. Primarily focusing on women facing unplanned, unwanted pregnancies, Vitae pioneered a series of landmark studies working with The Right Brain People® that resulted in a complete paradigm shift within the pro-life arena. was launched in 2009 to provide a website that offers comfort, reassurance, knowledge and support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our goal is that this site will equip and empower you or your loved one to make a confident, knowledgeable decision.

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Success Stories

Vitae also works with experts in the business of search engine optimization to ensure women who are using digital technology to find help with their unplanned pregnancy are pointed to life-affirming options.

With the help of all of our supporters, Vitae truly is bringing media to life!  Vitae measures all advertising and Internet activity to evaluate what level of impact our ads are creating.  Please read some of the exciting results and success stories.


Jamie, a 37-year-old grade school teacher, came in after finding us on the Inter […]


Sarah came into the center and appeared to be very guarded. She was very open th […]


A woman with very little means was at the end of her rope. The clock was ticking […]


“Aurora” had been to an abortion clinic to get a pregnancy test. “They pressured […]

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