After taking a home pregnancy test that tested positive, all I wanted was a way out! I was ready to leave my husband who I had known since our teen years. I started searching the Internet for a center I used to visit as a teenager, but I could not remember the name. For some reason an ad (placed by Vitae) kept popping up for A Woman’s Concern, therefore I thought this had to be the place I used to go to. I told the counselor that I wanted to know how far along I was so that I could terminate the pregnancy if I was less than four weeks along. During our conversation, I began to realize that I needed to start being honest – with myself and with my counselor. My eyes and my hurt began to clear as we continued to talk, but I still had to know how far along in the pregnancy I was. So to the ultrasound room we went. My heart was heavy as we heard the heartbeat. I was just about six weeks along, and it was at this point that the sonographer was able to calculate an approximate due date, which happened to fall on my wedding anniversary. For our Heavenly Father to be speaking so loudly to me… (Eight months later, Jennifer and her husband had the joy of welcoming their third child, a baby girl, into the world.)