Cristina was shocked to get a positive result on her pregnancy test because she was using an IUD contraceptive device. She and her husband came in to LAPS with the intention to ask for an abortion if she was pregnant. After our counselor spoke with them, they realized that their baby was developed and more than that, that their baby was a special gift from God. They chose life and their precious baby Allen was born in February 2012. “For me, El Clasificado changed my life because I had intended to abort my baby, but because I saw the ad I came in to LAPS where they gave me good counseling and advice to think things over more clearly. Today I am so happy with my children and my newborn baby. I am grateful to LAPS because they were there when I most needed them. And thanks to the ad that I found in El Clasificado. I hope that many other people just like me will also see the ad because it changed my life and filled it with happiness.”