Flor’s husband was pressuring her to abort her unborn child so she came to LAPS seeking answers. She was relieved to know the truth about what abortion does and that she would receive our support. Her heart was telling her all along that abortion was not the right choice! She joyfully received her baby as did her husband. She has been receiving material as well as spiritual assistance from us. (She is pictured with her baby, Vicky, who is holding the rosary we gave them. “I am so happy with my baby. When I saw your ad I knew that someone would help me. Thank you LAPS for guiding me to make the right decision.” (We have attached a photo of Flor with her baby holding a rosary, and also one of Flor and her daughter at a recent baby shower hosted by the Pauline Sisters. She shared her story of how El Clasificado saved her baby.)